Museum brings cheer

21 Nov, 2021 - 00:11 0 Views
Museum brings cheer

The Sunday Mail

Rudo Mandiro
Society Reporter

COMPLETION of the Museum of African Liberation will be a welcome addition to existing tourist attractions in the country, particularly Harare.

The project is expected to help attract massive investments in Warren Park and surrounding areas.

Residents are already upbeat.

“This is a big project by any measure. We are already noticing some positive change, especially with regards to road maintenance and water systems,” said Enock Gora.

The museum is one of the most ambitious projects by emerging Pan-African think tank, Institute of African Knowledge (Instak).

It is expected to house material from all African countries that took up arms to liberate themselves.

Countries that played a key role in the liberation of the continent will be included.

The museum would enable Africans and the rest of the world to learn about the history and struggle for freedom.

Each of the countries would provide the requisite materials need to tell the history of their struggles.

This would ordinarily make it a one-stop-shop for history and a must-visit destination for both domestic and international tourists.

“We know about the project and the work that is currently happening there. It is a good thing the museum is in our area. Our kids will be among the first people to visit and benefit from the institution,” reckons Mai Panashe, who lives near the site.

The museum is expected to be operational in the next 14 months.

“As the next major attraction in Zimbabwe, the project is being implemented with lightning speed,” said Instak chief executive officer Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi during a site visit by a Rwanda delegation led by that country’s Minister of Defence Major-General Albert Murasira.

“The monument has brought in success in terms of the road network, drainage system, borehole drilling to the benefit of residents. Contractors are working to ensure that road networks and the drainage system are on track,” he added.

Stakeholders are keen on making the project a success.

“The Nkomo family has endorsed the Museum of Africa Liberation through a donation of artefacts, which will be an addition to the first items of the late war-time army General Josiah Tongogara’s full military gear and pistol we got from his wife, Angeline,” he said.

A 1960s television set from the late Roman Catholic priest, Father Emmanuel Ribeiro, a trunk and a diary from late Vice President Simon Muzenda’s family are also part of the items that will be in the museum.

“In the coming week (this week), the foundation of the building will start,” he revealed.

The monument will consist of three parts — the museum, a five-star hotel and a park for children.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) head of corporate affairs Godfrey Koti said it will be a major boost to the tourism sector.

“We applaud the Government for this addition to existing attractions in the country. This will certainly boost arrivals under educational tours and travels, which are done by both adults and school children,” said Koti.

“There is still room to further grow heritage tourism. This is a platform to tell our own story on the basis of our culture and class struggle at large.”

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