‘Mujuru learnt nothing from President Mugabe’

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‘Mujuru learnt nothing  from President Mugabe’ Dr Mujuru

The Sunday Mail

Dr Joice Mujuru failed to learn anything from President Mugabe despite spending the better part of her adulthood working under his leadership, a youth leader of a faction of the divided Zimbabwe People First party has charged.

Dr Mujuru spent 24 years as a Cabinet Minister and 10 years as Vice-President until her sacking for plotting to remove President Mugabe from office.

In an interview last week, a youth leader with the anti-Mujuru ZimPF faction, Mr Luckson Kandemiri, said despite working under President Mugabe for years Dr Mujuru, had failed to learn a thing.

Mr Kandemiri said the former VP could not even chair and control a meeting.

“She worked for years under President Mugabe and it seems she did not learn anything.

“I think the problem was the massive hand-holding she got from President Mugabe. She is too dull to learn anything.

“How can a whole former VP fail to chair a meeting? She is an embarrassment,” he said.

Mr Kandemiri said Dr Mujuru was incapable of even leading a burial society.

The party, Mr Kandemiri said, had spent days discussing nothing under Dr Mujuru.

“Her biggest problem is that she has been protected by (President) Mugabe and her late husband for a long time, so when those people were no longer in her life she was exposed.”

The former youth leader said Dr Mujuru was unprincipled, dictatorial and only took advice from relatives, bogus businesspeople and uneducated cronies.

“We would discuss nothing for hours without her even taking a single decision. To be honest with you, I can chair and control a meeting better than her,”

Mr Kandemiri said, Dr Mujuru was bankrupt of ideas and it would be a tragedy if Zimbabweans voted for her.

The former Zanu-PF Mashonaland East provincial youth chair also said Dr Mujuru had protected individuals implicated in the looting of party funds; and that she had humiliated herself and ZimPF when answered her cellphone while addressing people at a public meeting, “meaning that all her years in government meant nothing to her”.

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