Miss Zim parties as Marry wallows in remand

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Miss Zim parties as Marry wallows in remand

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Showbiz Review with the Hedonist

WHEN the cat is away, the mice will play!

That is exactly what is happening with current Miss Zimbabwe, Belinda Potts, who is partying hard while her benefactor, Marry Mubayiwa, languishes in remand prison.

It is freedom at last for the Masvingo beauty, after months of Marry’s notorious “house arrest” for her models, particularly the reigning queen.

We spotted Potts at many different joints over the last few weeks — a clear sign that she feels liberated by her boss’s lack of liberty and that she is now back to her old partying ways.

More on the beauty in the coming days.

Headache over The Pointe

Last weekend got off to a flyer at The Pointe, that place nestled right in the middle of Harare’s red-light district.

We saw DJ Scott, Butterfly and Chamvary, presenters from Power FM, running around throughout the event. It was definitely a great start. Their concept has great potential. I hope they run with it hard. Only problem is those ladies of the night.

If this were to become a permanent venue for Power FM, imagine the predicament well-meaning and conservative members of our society could find themselves in. But it is none of our business. The place was kicking and packed!

Dehwe reNzou is authentic

Selmor launched her sixth album — her first since her dad, the legendary Dr Oliver Mtukudzi passed on. The Steve Dyer-produced 11-track album is rich! We could go to town about the album itself but then that would take the sting out of Prince Mushawevato’s review this coming Sunday.

So all we will say is that Selmor seems to be managing well the brand she inherited. Zvinebasa Rei? (Kuti hapana chakabuda pa will).

The Tuku Music brand is enough. Keep at it girl. The performance was on point.

Mashwede inongo faya

Happy birthday Power FM! Sorry we could not stay long at the party, my squad and I had to bolt, the crowds were too much. We hear hundreds of people lost their valuables that night. Looks like the CCTV has done nothing to curb the thieving menace at Mashwede.

However, congrats to Rumbi Moyo and team for such a calculated move of hosting the party at a place that attracts thousands of people anyway, regardless of who or what is taking place there.

Mashwede has done much more than just awaken the neighbourhood and Harare boys have not disappointed either. We hear that sex workers from surrounding areas have been upgraded.

Mr Mashamhanda and his entrepreneurial sons probably do not know what they have done for scores of families that depend on these sisters of ours. Well done!

Pleasure overdose at Epic Sundays

Of course, the weekend is never done without a visit to Motor Action for the grand Epic Sundays. Running under the theme “20Plenty”, indeed 2020 is turning out to be a year of abundance.

There is plenty of everything at Motor Action. Thieves, pastors, husbands and their wives, even church elders use Epic Sundays to cool down after a hard day’s work collecting offerings and other pledges from faithful congregants. Indeed in Harare the party never stops.

Till next week, stay safe.

P.S. In philosophy, hedonism is the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.

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