Memories of Midnight

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The Sunday Mail

Jnr Senator Tapiwa Bengewa
Gokomere High School, Form 4

Stranded, lonely, shivering

like a reed in a vast, fast flowing river

Afraid of the white men who oppressed them

Aluta Continua

They stood firm

their hearts never at peace

If one was threatened, the whole nation was

The motto that fueled them to the end of the tunnel.

From a distant place, they watch their offspring

What an ignorant generation we are

Are the liberators of our nation happy with how we act?

Their blood is still flowing from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The lifestyle we are living

Is it the same they contemplated?

The fathers of Zimbabwe are trying to empower the youth,

some of their messages fall on deaf ears

Men are powerless to secure the future;

the youth alone fix destinies of nations

the elders are ageing and If tomorrow comes,

what will our teapot shaped country, Zimbabwe be?

We, united in our diversity

by our common hunger for empowerment,

must open the eyes of our youths who are falling into the pit of ignorance

As we reflect upon the lives of our heroes and heroines,

let us find the bravery, unity and hunger,

that drove the liberators, to raise Zimbabwe from the dust

Let us be united as a family

In Unitate Stamus, divided we stumble.

We the youth, Let us come back to our roots

When the fathers of our nation share their memories of midnight,

They should feel proud of their shed blood.

Thumbs up to those who possess the corridors of power in our government

They have raised initiatives, campaigns, programmes to support the youth

Within the years of hardship, we have suffered,

But above all we have learnt.

Our leaders should walk out of boardrooms and start implementing

Freedom is a package deal; with it comes responsibilities and consequences

Behind those who are shaping the future; are the heroes who forever changed it

As we celebrate the braveness of our liberators

Let us reflect on our lives, judge and act.

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