Key attributes of a successful learner

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Key attributes of a successful learner

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Gabriel Manyeruke

EDUCATION is often described as the passport to the future, the key to success and the foundation of a civilised and prosperous society.

Many great thinkers throughout history have emphasised the importance of education. They realise its transformative power and ability to shape characters and society.

As such, education is vital for the growth and development of young people. It provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to navigate the complexities of life.

Educated young people are the vanguard of every successful nation.

Education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but also developing critical skills that are embedded in strong moral values.

Every parent or guardian sending children to school will be proud to see them being morally upright and achieving excellence in their schoolwork as they grow up.

Nonetheless, some learners with potential may fail to excel in class.

One of the main reasons for not doing well is lack of the right attributes for learning. These attributes include discipline, self-motivation, perseverance, a positive attitude and time management skills.

Academic success is never a fluke but something that is predetermined.

Learners short of the good attributes have limited academic potential. Their chances of positively transforming their lives are also limited.

Without enthusiasm, passion and a positive attitude towards schoolwork, learners may struggle to stay engaged in their studies and may not see value in doing well academically.

Conversely, learners with a positive attitude towards schoolwork value education and always strive to make the most of the opportunities it offers.

Some schoolchildren have more than enough learning resources at their disposal but less than enough zeal and discipline to focus on their academic work.

Lack of discipline can lead to missed assignments, failure to pay attention in class, poor time management, unhealthy study habits, lagging behind in studies, trouble with teachers and, ultimately, lower grades in exams.

Self-discipline is essential for learning and attainment of desired results.

Discipline is the bedrock upon which positive habits can be established.

Perseverance is also critical for academic success. However, some learners lack this quality.

Young people must develop the tenacity to push through setbacks.

They should learn not to easily give up when faced with difficult tasks or obstacles.

Aristotle once said: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

This quote reminds us that the journey can be challenging, but the rewards and benefits that come from it are immeasurable. What is required is hard work. Determination is also vital.

Bearing these in mind enables individuals to achieve their full potential at school.

Learners should understand that procrastination and neglecting assignments until the last minute can lead to poor quality work and lower grades.

Preparation for exams way before they come and going an extra mile when studying enhance academic performance.

Without good time management skills, learners may feel overwhelmed with work, which can negatively impact their overall wellbeing at school.

Interpersonal skills are important in building positive relationships with teachers and peers at school.

Children with these attributes can easily collaborate with others and seek help when needed as they do not struggle to express themselves clearly and confidently.

Gabriel Manyeruke is an author and educator at Wise Owl High School in Marondera. Contact details: 0774122288, E-mail: [email protected]


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