It’s back to school

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The Sunday Mail

Francis Mashinya and Kimberly Kazungu

SCHOOLS are set to open on September 10 for the third term.

While parents are stressing about where to get money to pay their children’s school fees, buy groceries for boarding school kids and other related stuff, school children have different issues to worry about.

The Sunday Mail Society spoke to some of the students who spent the greater part of the week at popular joints like Joina City and Eastgate Shopping Mall in Harare.

Clearly they were not bothered by the issue of school fees, transport money or stationery.

They certainly know that some other people worry about that on their behalf.

As the students go back to school for the final term of this academic year, those in examination classes know that they will be parting ways with some of their close friends, some for good.

Most are also aware that this coming term will be their make or break moment.

Come early next year, the students’ examination results will determine the course of their lives – whether they are graduating from primary to high school, whether they are proceeding to Advanced level or college.

A St Faiths High School student, Munashe Mandizha and his colleagues, acknowledged the fact that the coming term has a massive bearing on their future endeavours.

“I don’t wish to be stuck in life. I need to progress and that will only be possible if I do well in this final term. This is my passport to the career of my choice. I just have to make sure I get things right by passing,” said Mandizha.

Tanyaradzwa Gwisai of Grey Stone Academy is happy that schools are opening, albeit for a different reason.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my friends when schools open. Being on holiday and always being at home is boring. School provides us with an assortment of fun, which we cannot get at home,” she said.

Her friend chipped in with excitement: “My parents bought me a new pair of shoes. I think they will be the best at school, and I’m hoping I will be the only one wearing that type.”

While primary and high schools open on Tuesday, higher learning institutions have already resumed lessons.

Parents interviewed said they are doing their best to provide for their children at school.

However, Taurai Gwatipedza highlighted that price fluctuations are making it difficult for parents to budget for such expenses.

Another parent, Mercy Chidanhika, said parental obligations cannot be ignored despite the prevailing economic challenges.

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