I want to reform sungura: Hare

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I want to reform sungura: Hare

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ASPIRING sungura musician Panganayi “Mukoma Panga” Hare believes he will soon be a force to reckon with in the music industry.

Hare, a corporate lawyer-cum-promoter-cum-singer, said the positive feedback he has received since releasing his debut project “Mbuva yeHwiza” last year is encouraging.

“It is the fans’ support that keeps me going,” he said.

Mukoma Panga has been nominated for prestigious awards that include the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) and Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) for his first effort. Also, songs from the six-track album have topped music charts.

These include “Panganayi” featuring Ethel Musonza, “Mandiregerera”, “Mariah” featuring Somandla Ndebele, “Jojo na Jojina” and “Zinonganonga”.

The song “Panganayi” was voted the third-best song in the popular Radio Zimbabwe Coca Cola Top 50.

However, Mukoma Panga insists he does music for fun and will constantly be releasing new material for his fans.

He currently has a new single “Chibhakera” that has gathered momentum on local music charts.

The song got a boost after an accompanying video featuring dancer Franco Slomo, comedian Kapfupi and his wife Precious “Mai Nga” Kabrito was released.

“The new single ‘Chibhakera’ is doing well. My fans think I should invest more in live gigs and it is something that we are considering. Rehearsals are happening behind the scenes and something will be coming their way soon,” he said.

“I am still doing music for fun and will continue on this trajectory for a long time, but that does not mean we will not take our work or projects seriously.”

The singer’s work is usually solid, particularly the sound as he often enlists services of veteran instrumentalists.

Featuring such names as Spencer Khumulani, Innocent Mjintu, Shiga Shiga, Takauya Karikodzi, Matthew Perego, Charles Maibvisira, Obert Gomba and Musaope Nkoma, his beat is likely to be on point.

“I have a lot of experience in the music industry. Besides being a natural music fan, I have a background as a promoter having worked with most of the living and late legends. This has pressed me to always try and produce quality music,” said Mukoma Panga.

His main objective, he said, is to take sungura to a new high by introducing reforms that will make the genre appeal to many, including those in the overseas.

Quality videos, songs, class and swag, he reckons, will make his mission accomplishable.

The musician has finished recording his second studio album titled “Pfimbi YeGudo”.

“Fans determine what we do. We have social media platforms and we interact with them daily and that is how we decide the next steps to take,” he said.

“But I must admit, they (fans) are already pushing us to release the second album, ‘Pfimbi YeGudo’, from which the single ‘Chibhakera’ was plucked.

“The album is ready for release.”

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