I train more than I sleep: Muripo

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I train more than I sleep: Muripo

The Sunday Mail

IT’S a year now since Samson Muripo was upgraded from a Sensei to a Shihan and there are clear signs that the 40-year-old is operating at a higher level.

Muripo meditates and fasts at least once a week, trains more than he sleeps and gives himself three months to recover between tournaments.

And just when his age mates are slowing down, Muripo is growing from strength to strength in a sport he has loved since his childhood days in Chimanimani.

“I train more than I sleep, because pain is temporary but honor is eternal,” Muripo said.

“I sleep for about five hours, waking up at 4am for the business of the day and going back home late.

“Faith is a conqueror, an overcomer, it just isn’t a peace maker, and it is the victory that overcomes the world.” Recently, Muripo added another title to his glittering career, winning the open weight category at the IKOKU International Full Contact Karate Tournament in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Victory is sweet, one fights the way they have trained or prepared.

“It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice, as well as introspection,” said Muripo, a fourth Dan Black Belt holder.

As he goes through the recovery motions, Muripo does not see himself fighting in Africa again.

But why Shihan?

“Apparently, there’s time for everything under the sun. I am sorry about that. Unless God brings another World Kyokushin Karate Championships in the nearest future, I won’t compete on the continent,” he said without giving much away.

So when next will he be in action, obviously outside Africa?

“For this year, I will advise after total recovery from this outing. But end of February, (I expect to be) in Iran and mid-April in Japan for annual international karate events on my calendar.

“Recovery depends with the availability of resources to get physiotherapy attention, checking on minor to big physical issues as well as getting recommended training programs. Otherwise, (full recovery takes) two to three months.”

They say ‘a great man is always willing to be little’ and this quote truly describes Muripo who feels indebted to the people who have supported his dream.

“I can’t thank God enough for bringing people who guided me, who supported my calling and natured this poor Chimanimani dust to a world renowned champion,” he said.

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