I still love Wadzi: BaShupi

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I still love Wadzi: BaShupi

The Sunday Mail

Zandile Zaza Ndlovu
HE is energetic and charismatic, the man behind those golden hooks that are highly sought-after by most musicians.

In conjunction with Soul Jah Love, Stunner and Simba Tags among many others, he has created memorable hit songs.

Peace Ndlovu, popularly known as BaShupi, is indeed a household name, who lights up the small screen and performance stage with his swagger. But behind this polished and tough looking exterior, is a gentleman crushed by a recent divorce.

In Zimbabwean culture men are not expected to openly air out their pain, it is considered unmanly. An IsiNdebele saying, “inyembezi zendoda zithontela esifubeni” (a man cries on the inside), aptly captures this cultural demand from local men. They must suffer in silence.

“It is painful, because we did everything together. She is hilarious and very beautiful. She was like my best friend,” said BaShupi, opening up about the divorce to The Sunday Mail Society.

Indeed BaShupi is that rare gem and model citizen when it comes to how power couples should handle negative personal affairs. Zimbabwe has seen many celebrities’ dirty linen washed in public – with some high-profile personalities dragged to the maintenance court while some had their secrets revealed in books and in newspapers.

“I love Wadzi (Wadzanai Gumbo) and together we work well as a team, business wise. Unfortunately we both have very big personalities that are not conducive for a marriage.”

Wadzanai is BaShupi’s ex-wife with whom he had a lavish wedding a few years ago in the Midlands provincial capital.

He revealed that it has been very difficult as he is constantly reminded by friends, fans and clients, who ask about why they split up.

“I pour my pain into my music. Being in the public eye is both a blessing and a curse. Nothing about your private life is really yours.”

After their lush wedding in Gweru two years ago, all eyes were on this couple that looked picture perfect. Both are good looking; Wadzanai is known for her gorgeous curvaceous figure and BaShupi for his athletic body and cut abs. With prim dreadlocks as their signature, they were the envy of many in showbiz.

Wadzanai as the manager and BaShupi the artiste. It seemed like a match made in heaven or so it seemed.

“When the marriage fell apart, we sat down and had a heart-to-heart about our future. Our work and income revolves around mainly my music. And we decided we are better off as business partners than as husband and wife,” revealed BaShupi.

BaShupi was the headline act at the launch of Wadzanai’s Wadzanai Trust Restore Women’s Dignity.

“I get calls from Wadzi telling me I have bookings for a show. And I also support her when she does her NGO work.”

BaShupi has been an ambassador for Let Them Trust Annual Schools Arts Festival for the past seven years. And is currently preparing to go on tour in Europe and Africa. With a new hit single “Bhero”, Bashupi is channelling his pain through his music.

“My advice to couples in the public eye is that if you have major differences, it’s not healthy to air your laundry in public. Rather sit down and see how best you can support each other even though you are not together. Humanity and dignity must always come first,” he said.

Zandile Zaza Ndlovu is a lifestyle and arts journalist, as well as a Media and PR Strategist for BrandZa Communications. You can contact her on email [email protected] or on Twitter and Instagram on @zazaliciousone.


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