He’s Mighty & Mhlanga

18 Feb, 2018 - 00:02 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

WHAT’S in a name?

Well for the newly crowned First So-Kyokushin International Karate Open champions a name is a source of inspiration and resilience.

But it’s not surprising when one is called Tangayi Mighty Mhlanga.

“When I am getting kicked and feeling close to giving up, I simply remember that I am Mighty.

“Suddenly I feel energised and my opponent will be in trouble. It will be like 40 000 volts have been plugged into me,” said the 27-year-old who conquered in Nepal last week.

Mhlanga added that having Shihan Samson Muripo in his corner also acts as motivation.

“Shihan Muripo is a legend. I am following in his footsteps and want to also become a world champion. It has been my dream since the day I chose to venture into the sport after watching some kung fu movies.

“Shihan Muripo is also renowned for hard work and that is something I am learning from him.

“I won in Nepal, have also won medals in Barcelona and South Africa and back home in the All Africa event, but I still believe in more hard work,” he said. Mhlanga would have wanted to head for Iran next week, fresh for his Nepal triumph, but lack of funding has chocked his dream.

“After winning in Nepal I feel like going out there and taking on the world but the travelling is not cheap. There is a tournament in Iran on February 28 but I cannot afford to travel, it looks like I will be headed to Japan in April.

“I am really excited about this positive start to the year and look forward to more podium finishes,” he said.

Apart from hunting for more titles Mhlanga is also working towards ensuring that more and more people take up karate.


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