Herald photographer burial today

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Herald photographer burial today Presidential Photographer Tawanda Mudimu (left in fromt row) follow proceedings at a funeral service for his wife Herald Photographer Lynn Munjanja at Nyaradzo Funeral parlour in Chitungwiza yesterday. Also present was Lynn’s father Mr Joseph Munjanja (second in front row) and other relatives – Picture: Kudakwashe Hunda

The Sunday Mail

Sunday Mail Reporter

THE Herald photographer, Lynn Munjanja, who passed away on Friday morning, will be buried today in Seke rural.

Munjanja (25) died on her way to hospital after complaining of stomach pains on Thursday night.

Her husband, Mr Tawanda Mudimu, said she died of ectopic pregnancy, a condition where a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes.

“She was pregnant, so the doctors confirmed that the baby was not in the womb,” he said.

“The pregnancy had developed in one of the fallopian tubes, which later burst and she bled internally.

“By the time we arrived at the hospital in the early hours of Friday, it was already too late.

“It is painful because she never showed any signs that she was not feeling well.

“She will be buried at our homestead in Seke on Sunday (today).” Her father, Mr Joseph Munjanja, said his family was in shock.

“We were caught unawares by Lynn’s death but there is nothing we can do or change because God has done his will,” he said.

Born in 1998, Munjanja attained her degree in journalism from Great Zimbabwe University.

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