From a coalition to rejecting a ‘cabinet of presidents’

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From a coalition to rejecting a ‘cabinet of presidents’ Sunday Mail

The Sunday Mail

The Sharp Shooter Vukani Madoda —
Sometimes we have to keep going at the haughty calls for grand coalition against Zanu-PF. We have to keep at it, article by article, bullet by bullet, bombshell by bombshell; including mocking the so-called “cabinet of presidents” which the MDC-T resoundingly rejected last week.

We have been saying for over a year now that a wishy-washy political coalition to challenge or attempt to oust the revolutionary party is just but a pipe-dream.

It is a smokescreen in the miasma of delusional political clowns who are hell-bent on luring a portion of a gullible and timid electorate that is clueless about the benefits they have earned under a Zanu-PF Government for the last 36 years.

“We will end up with Cabinet positions being filled up by all the presidents of the political parties in the coalition,” reasoned MDC-T secretary- general Douglas Mwonzora.

“That’s unworkable . . . because a coalition of many people is unworkable; coalition per se is not the answer,” he shot out.

Yes, Doug, we have known it all along. We have known for a very long time that the MDC-T would never join forces with the very traitors who formed several other MDCs or with the very traitors who formed other political non-entity parties such as ZimPF and PDP.

No, not in a thousand years would we ever see Tendai Biti rejoin hands with Morgan Tsvangirai and not in a million years would we ever see Joice Mujuru share the same bed with Tsvangirai.

The ideologies of the various opposition parties are so varied and so dissimilar, they could never agree on a single policy for a few seconds. What kind of Cabinet would that be, Doug wanted to know?

Certainly it would be a Cabinet without agreements as each party president would be pushing his or her own interests far removed from Government interest and further removed from national interest.

“We have seen leaders of some political parties showing that they cannot co-exist with others,” chided Mwonzora, obviously in direct reference to his predecessor Tendai Biti who lampooned the egos of Tsvangirai and Mujuru after they had snubbed the coalition meeting in South Africa the other week.

This was also despite the mortification Doug had to go through sending several tweets to Biti to rejoin MDC-T. Of course, we all know that Biti has a more pronounced superiority complex than anyone else who has been Finance Minister in this world. So obviously Doug’s lamentations fell on a very solid ego and very deaf ears.

What a pity these miserable opposition outfits have become. You see them attacking Zanu-PF left, right, centre and sideways and you sometimes wonder if Zanu-PF will lead this nation to the Promised Land. That doubt, however, immediately fizzles out the moment you witness the political circus unfolding within the opposition cabals.

Today they are in Gweru holding hands for show, tomorrow they are holding illegal violent demonstrations, the following week they are in a foreign land trying to discuss the future of this country and before the end of that week, they are at each other’s throats, blaming each other for being pompous and power-hungry.

At the same time, their grassroots supporters are jostling for positions, threatening to split their already fragmented parties into political debris. Unlike the banter we witness in Zanu-PF, the animosity within the opposition camp is frighteningly real, the anger is real, the bitterness is sincere and the acrimony is heavily unpleasant.

They will fight to the end and they will not give up, especially when they are fighting amongst each other. They have this unthinkable negative energy when they are at each other’s throats. Surprisingly, they never exhibit the same kind of vigour and valour when campaigning against Zanu-PF.

In fact, when fighting Zanu-PF, they always do so with the expectation to lose. Maybe it’s because they have known over the years that they can never win against the revolutionary party, so they just fight amongst themselves.

They will refuse, with unparalleled passion, to even consider forming a Government with a “cabinet of presidents”. It is really interesting how we have since digressed from forming a NERA or Coalition of Democrats (Code) outfit to the now more familiar selfish outlook of every party for its self and God for us all.

Only those in Zanu-PF remain content because they know unity, peace and development. Of course, that is not to say Zanu-PF has its own squabbles from within but in comparison, their systematic unity is at least 50 years ahead of their adversaries in the opposition.

There is a propensity of trampling upon each other with such reckless abandon and there is no way the ancestors of this land will let the unimaginable ulterior motives of MDC-T or ZimPF prevail over the goodwill set by Zanu-PF.

The desperate flatters and bootlickers who continue to blindly urge on the detractors of this country smack of a desperate attempt to clutch at straws in an anxious bid for imperialists to grab the natural resources of this land. Without realising it, they are like the proverbial greedy fly that follows the corpse to the grave, only to be buried alive.

Indeed, the cardinal battle against the coalition ideology has been fought for us by the most unlikely suspects — the MDC-T and ZimPF — in spite of the cries of banal opposition followers who resemble poverty of the mind by thinking they can gather sheep, goats, pigs and hens to fight against a pride of lions.

The international community, led by US ambassador Harry Thomas Jnr, has not helped the situation by cheerleading the opposition into its demise.

Clearly, the opposition cabals are at war with themselves and Zimbabweans will not be like the biblical Pharaoh who waits until the tenth plague consumes his first born to realise that he is up against more superior forces than the pathetic gods he worships.

In his interesting paperback “Flesh and Blood”, Kunle A. Omowumi asks: “Why are factional leaders not ready to come and resolve their differences? The truth is that they are only fighting for their personal gains. They have turned the quest for power to be ‘winner takes all’.

“After destroying their people and depleting the resources of their nations, who are they going to lead or govern?”

Indeed, I too may ask, after alienating themselves from the people, who is the opposition or coalition going to lead or govern?


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