‘Film industry needs support’

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‘Film industry needs support’

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ACTOR, producer and script writer George Jonasi has called on players in the entertainment industry to invest in film production.

The 27-year-old recently released a short film titled “Not an Option”.

He is a co-writer of the popular local television drama series “Tunga”.

“I have a lot of films that I want to produce but I am failing to do so due to limited financial resources. I am calling on sponsors and advertisers to support the film industry,” Jonasi said.

Turning to “Not an Option”, he said the film focuses on the love life of two widowed parents.

The two fall in love.

Later on, they discover that their children also fall in love.

“Fate draws widowed workmates into a love relationship. However, the relationship is put in jeopardy as the children of the widowed parents also fall in love.

“As the plot unfolds, viewers will get to find out if there is a solution to this love web, which has slowly turned into an incestuous affair,” Jonasi said.

He said the film mirrors people’s day-to-day experiences and explores possible ways of solving challenges people face.

Jonasi has so far produced films that include “Chishuwo”, “The Place”, “Chitema” and “Rufaro”.

Reflecting on the journey he has so far travelled, the film producer expressed gratitude for the unwavering support he has received in his career.

“I am grateful and appreciate the support I have been getting from fans. They are making this filmmaking journey worthwhile.”

Lack of funding, he said, has been his major drawback.

“I am about to start work on a short film titled ‘Pukuta Misodzi’. Apart from this production, I am also currently working on a Naiza Boom Film series titled ‘Mjolo’,” he revealed.

He said fans should expect more from him.

“I was born to entertain. I will not stop entertaining and teaching people until I breathe my last.”

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