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Milton Kamwendo

Whatever you feed and fuel will grow stronger, make your runway longer and become more real in you and for you. Use your energy with care and your resources mindfully. Do not waste time feeding your fears, fuelling rumours, fellowshipping around misery, and focusing on what is not working and where you are not going. You do not have the luxury of running aimlessly, gunning towards nothing, grounding yourself into negativity and drumming what leaves you disappointed and disillusioned. When you change your focus, you change what you see. When you change the conversations you entertain, you shift your spirit. To move forward and do great things, deliberately spend time feeding your future and not focusing on frustrating pests, problems and people. When you change the agenda, you transform the tempo of a meeting and the focus of thought.

Whatever you feed will grow stronger. Feed your fears and your will become fearful, frustrated and faint-hearted. Feed your faith and you will be firm, focused and free to dream and dance with life. Unhinge yourself from everything that chains you down, grounds you in negativity and fear. Feed the things that give you momentum and a massive push to do great things. Starve everything that gives you doubt and drives you back to where you are coming from. Stop celebrating mediocrity and setting for yourself too low a bar. The magic is in the future and not in the past. Feed the things that inspire and amplify your dreams and stir up your potential. Spend more time with people that positively feed you than those that drain you and starve you of inspiration, feeding you with toxicity. Follow the dictum of Mahatma Gandhi and refuse to let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet.

Be obsessed with greatness and with looking for pathways to greatness. Every day learn something that takes you forward. If you are the smartest person in the many rooms you enter, change your location, look out for great mentors, teachers and coaches. Be on the look- out for people that strengthen your resolve to be great. Love being around people that challenge your faith, stretch your imagination and power your mental muscles. Being around dry complainers is not a compliment. Get around people that inspire, challenge and stretch you to be what you have never been and to see with new eyes the wonder around you. Do not settle for crumbs when there is a wide table waiting for you. Do not make your boundary small, your horizon too near, your ceiling too low. Great prepared everyday to stretch toward greatness.

Reboot Your Goals

Goals get your life moving. Set them and pursue them until they are begging for mercy. Yes, literally begging for mercy because you put so much intense focus on them and stretch to make them happen. Your goals have been waiting for you to get up and get them. Decide that your experience of life will now be different.

Every goal has magnetic power, so set goals that are big, bold and inspiring. Nothing changes by just being talked about or complained about. Expressing frustration to things that are not listening is not a wise way of using time.

Imagining more sophisticated models of complaining is not innovation nor strategic thinking.

Every problem has many faces; so choose the one you want to look at. Every problem has a seed of profit within it and a jacket of greatness around it. Stop complaining about things that people are using as tools for greatness, stepping stones to wealth and minefields of opportunity. Stop thinking like a loser, talking like a loafer, and looking for the easy way out to nowhere.

Change comes through positive and focused action. Reboot your goals and take personal responsibility. Cancel all fascination with get-rich-quick schemes, charms and fellowships.

If you ever dropped your goals because you failed, go hunting for your goals, clean them up and reboot them. Stop looking for miserable fellowships that major in problems and minor in innovative thought. The greater the problem the wider the opportunity canvas. Look through your failures with the lens of an opportunity explorer.

Flash out the ego-stings of failure from your memory leaving only the lessons they brought you. Stop worrying about people’s laughs and comments. Stop being obsessed with the comments of spectators who are doing nothing except criticising.

Reboot your goals, realign your life to the magnificent vision that you hold. Be obsessed with going forward and not with standing still or retreating. Stop regretting that you lost opportunity and start creating the experiences you desire and dream of. Write your goals out in big bold letters and announce to the world that you are coming!

Focus daily on the path to greatness like you never failed. Stop recounting your failures and start reflecting on the future you are creating. The future is so big that it cannot fit into the past.

Do not let any episode of failure have the last work and close the chapters of your life.

If you dropped your goals because you were too afraid, it is time to get up and face your fears. Stop worshipping fear and problems and making them untouchables. Pursue your goals with focus and frenzy action. If fear is stopping you just do what you have to do afraid. It is not the feeling that matters, but the action that you take. Defy any limitation that you face. Knock out any obstacle that stands on your way. Stop believing the things that people use to scare themselves with.

If you dropped your goals for any reason, then go find the goals, dust them and pursue them. If the problem was that you had no time, get to some quiet spot, take out a fresh blank piece of paper and write out your goals as though you have never done that before. Write out how you will organise and reorganise your life in order to feed your future and start working on your goals. Reboot, refresh and recommit to your greatness and great goals.

If you dropped your goals because you felt too small and lacked confidence, do not despair and do not cry. Write out a few things that you have to believe to reach those goals. Then everyday, read them out like you already possess them. Change the way you speak. Start speaking like a winner, mover and shaker. Speak like you are going somewhere and ready to do great things. If you speak like a loser, you are just chopping your own legs.

Your greatness is waiting for you to show up. In the lane of greatness, there is no overcrowding. There is space for you and for your dream. Believe in yourself, do your own thinking and head into action with confidence. If necessary do it scared.

If necessary, do it not knowing where the money will come from. If necessary, do it ignorant, while you search everywhere for ideas and information to strengthen yourself. Refuse to let anyone intimidate you. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. You are destined for greatness.

Learn all you can, change all you can, but do not stop moving. Honour your goals by pursuing them with focus, and massive determined action.

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author, and growth mentor. He is a cutting-edge strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant. His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected] and Twitter: @MiltonKamwendo. His website is: www.miltonkamwendo.com.


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