Exploitation…Then what!

03 Dec, 2017 - 00:12 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Chitungwiza Youth Media Project Cluster
Children and youth are confronted worldwide with many different forms of exploitation and violence, exploitative child labour, sexual and gender based violence, corporal punishment in schools, gang crime in the neighbourhood, forced recruiting, displacement, xenophobia and racism the list is endless.

Exploitation and violence is still occurring and is partly on the rise despite international agreements, treaties and national laws that speaks against violence and exploitation.

The causes, forms and consequences of exploitation and violence are manifold. What they have in common is that children and young people may be thrown off-track and frequently massively obstructed in their development.

In my community many young people are being exploited, from working as house maids without getting paid to spending the whole day as a kombi conductor without any wages.

Unemployment is one of the major causes of exploitation and many young people are left with no options but to work for little or no wages.

We urge the government and the authorities to take responsibility for the protection of children and young people by enforcing laws and arresting all those exploiting children and young people.

What kind of a future do we want to have when we exploit children and young people today? What kind of mothers and fathers do we want to see when we exploit them today?

To all the Zimbabwean communities, we all can take part in protecting children from violence and exploitation.

To my fellow children and young people, let’s all stand against exploitation and continue to speak out.

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