experts back kombi ban

01 Jun, 2014 - 00:06 0 Views
experts back kombi ban

The Sunday Mail


Town planning experts have thrown their weight behind Government’s plan to phase out urban commuter omnibuses and replace them with high-capacity metro buses. Mr Percy Toriro said the introduction of buses that use road space economically would end traffic congestion.“The main objective behind the phasing out of commuter omnibuses is to reduce centralised congestion. This act is a bold decision that will ensure our city is not chaotic.

“Once the buses are properly regulated, this will also come with the element of predictability since buses will have time slots, thus people will have a timetable of when and where they will get a bus into town and our roads will be decongested.

“The kombi operators are individuals who seem to be under no regulation; they do whatever they want. Some even abuse people verbally and get away with it because it is their nature. But when it comes to the operation of buses, a form of decency will be induced.”

He added: “Promoting the use of bicycles and the construction of a ring road are both viable solutions, which, however, require investments and relevant infrastructure.

“Our main ring road in the city is Harare Drive and we need to complete constructing it so that it constitutes many links. To ensure the safety of cyclists, our roads need proper cycle tracks and proper parking space to accommodate the bicycles.”

Mr Edgar Masawi also supported the proposed new system.
“Bicycles are environmentally friendly and are popular in populous and congestion-ravaged Asian countries.
“The emergence of mass transport private players would be a major plus,” he said.

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