Epworth twins double wedding joy

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Epworth twins double wedding joy

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“We have always wanted to do this and I am glad we have done it. Our wedding will be talked about many, many years from now,” said a beaming Brighton Kamunda while his equally delighted twin brother Brian nodded approvingly.
The  Epworth twin brothers had every reason to smile as they had pulled off a rare spectacle — staging a joint wedding and having six sets of twins as their bridesmaids and groomsmen. On the same day that Simba Chikore and Bona Mugabe were being joined in holy matrimony, Brighton and Brian were writing their own love story at Hatfield Sports Club as they tied the knot with Loveness Sibanda and Yvonne Dick respectively.

“We have been inseparable ever since the day we were born and there is no way we could have held our wedding on separate days,” said Brian.

“As individuals we have our differences in terms of likes, dislikes and attitude, but there is so much more that we have in common than that which we do not have in common.

“On the wedding we had to compromise on one or two things because of our different tastes, but everything worked out for the good.”
“It’s unfortunate that both our parents are late . . . we would have loved them to witness this historic occasion,” added Brighton.
Loveness and Yvonne both admitted that the idea of having a joint wedding did not appeal to them initially.

However, with their spouses intent on being “twins even on the day of their wedding” the pair had to quickly find each other and put together a memorable wedding.

“Our unique wedding reflects the power of God. Everything went perfectly on the day and our husbands are happy that their dream came true,” said Loveness.

“They made us feel special and we hope to continue with such a close bond as we start our own families,” said Yvonne.
Brian explained that the idea of having sets of twins as bridesmaids and groomsmen consumed more time in the preparation of the wedding.

“The first step was to find the twins and the second was to convince them to be part of this special occasion.
“After that everything was smooth flowing because everyone was committed to make the wedding a success,” he said.

Beloved and Blessing Sithole, twins who were part of the bridal team, were thrilled by the unique wedding.
“We had never witnessed such a wedding and we feel blessed to have been part of it,” they said.

“Unlike the Fichani twins, who made headlines for walking naked, Brighton and Brian have set a good example. Hopefully, more weddings of such a nature will be reported in the country.”

Noster and Nosma Matope are now dreaming of having a joint wedding of their own after being inspired by the Kamunda brothers.
“The Kamunda brothers have set a good example for us and we intend to follow in their footsteps,” said Noster.

“My twin sister and I are already in love with another pair of twins so our wedding will be of twins marrying twins.”
Mr Chamunorwa Naboth, who was the wedding secretary, also noted that Brighton and Brian have in their own small way disproved the notion that “nothing good comes out of Epworth.”

“Epworth is popularly known for evil deeds, but Brighton and Brain have proven that there is so much good that can come out of this suburb,” he said.

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