Eat better, train harder, conquer Slovenia

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Eat better, train harder, conquer Slovenia

The Sunday Mail

DECORATED bodybuilder Victor Hungwe is training harder and visiting his South Africa-based doctor every week as he intensifies preparations for the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation contest.
The competition, set for Slovenia in June, will be Hungwe’s first outing since gaining the famed Professional card at the IBFF Africa competition in South Africa last year.

The first Zimbabwean to get the Pro card is pleased with the progress he is making.
“I am training twice a day, doing weight training in the morning and cardio later in the day. I have nine weeks left before the show and it’s coming out well. I am also on a diet, this is my third week of dieting and the body is responding well,” said Hungwe.

The former World Physique Federation Mr Universe winner also shared his training routines.
“I give every body part one-and-a-half hours to two hours and for cardio it’s 45 minutes. So my training is specific and separate; like on Monday I could do chest and arms then walk on a treadmill for cardio.

“Another day I will do my back and do rowing later for cardio. My day starts very early in the morning at 5am and I have six to seven meals a day as well as a protein shake after every workout.”

Hungwe opened up on the weekly meetings with his doctor.
“I am doing comparison work with Dr Warren every week in Johannesburg, making adjustments on every area that needs it. This is Pro-cut, different from the one I won in Italy in 2013 so preparations have to be on point.

“In Slovenia I will come across stiff competition. I will meet professional body-builders from all over the world and it will be a tough show, but chances are equal.

“I will compete with the crème de la crème, the best of the best, but that’s what you want, international exposure is important. What you learn out there will be important and you will try to put it into practice here at home the moment you return,” he said.

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