Cricketers in the home crease

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Cricketers in the home crease

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Brighton Zhawi

NO nets, no games and no cricket, but when life gives you lemons, best to make lemonade.

That appears to be the frame of mind of most of the Zimbabwe national cricket players, as many of them have turned to parenthood, and are absolutely loving it.

Cricketers are some of the athletes that spend the most time away from family, either touring or in camps, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been grounded just like many other athletes.

Under normal circumstances, the Chevrons would have been winding up their engagements with touring county sides Derbyshire and Durham, with focus shifting to hosting Ireland for three T20 Internationals and as many ODIs.

Instead, the players have been playing with kids at home.

Chamu Chibhabha is enjoying time with his two kids, Christian and Keana.

“For me, it has been easy because home is my favourite place to be.

“It is just that now I am more present there, we have been given some work to do for the kids, so we are parenting and teaching.

“My son is a handful; being home with him has just made me mindful of the fact that they are growing.

“Other than that, I am just trying to find ways to keep my body in shape.”

Seam bowler Victor Nyauchi has a new baby girl, Krystal, born in March and is not allowing any visitors to see the baby.

“I know it is part of our culture for people to come and see a new baby, but with what is going on, it is a bit tricky,” he said.

“I have been home, spending a lot of time with my family, which is cool, and in-between I have been doing my fitness to stay in shape.”

Sikandar Raza has new training partners in his kids Eessa and Anaya.

“I have been doing my cardio and core exercises at home,” Raza said.

“They run with me when I do my cardio, and count my crunches when am doing them.

“They are very happy actually.

“I have been studying about this virus and trying to educate myself so that I can help my family and community with information,” he said.

Test keeper Regis Chakabva is playing it safe.

“Obviously, this is a challenging time for everyone, and we are doing our bit to try stay safe and healthy.

“I have watched a bit of (cricket) highlights here and there, but haven’t spent much time thinking too much about it.

“Personally, I felt like I needed a little break, anyway, so in a way I appreciate the time off.

“This is an unprecedented time, and staying safe and healthy is more important than cricket.

“I haven’t done as much fitness as I normally would, as I needed a good break away from everything.

“I will definitely start doing some home workouts to stay in shape.”

Test opener Prince Masvaure is also enjoying bonding with his daughter Anashe.

“We are having plenty of bonding time, but we are also not getting along as I am trying to make sure she grows up well.

“She thinks daddy is not being fair, but I have to do what a parent has to do, hey.

“It is always important spending time with your family, as we are always out there playing cricket, and do not get much time with them, so we are using this time to catch up on a lot of things.

Craig Ervine is enjoying “special” time with his son, Jack Rory.

“(I have been) self-isolating at home with family to save lives.

“It is special, so far, to spend so much time with my seven-month-old boy.

“If my boy was older, I would definitely be in the garden hitting balls and practising catches, playing different games like tip and run, hitting targets and playing situations etcetera

“That obviously requires a decent garden.”

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