COMMENT: When Obama, Cameroon met real lion of Africa

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COMMENT: When Obama, Cameroon met real lion of Africa

The Sunday Mail

Its not everyday that one finds the US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameroon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other little puppies from countries such as Canada, Italy and Australia in one room.
The blood-sucking imperialists were gathered in Antalya, Turkey last week for the G20 Summit and President Mugabe seized the opportunity to shove the truth down the throats of the stunned western leaders.
Obama sat there looking straight into the eyes of President Mugabe. This disappointing brother from Kenya must have been wondering why Turkish President Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan had invited this lion of Africa to the summit.
British PM Cameron sat there with his big eyes dotting from one end to the other, clearly hoping that President Mugabe would not take it personal. As the lion roared, Cameroon kept on shifting in his seat as if his chair was trying to swallow him.
German Chancellor Merkel sat there fidgeting and twiddling with her artificial nails, a sign that she was not sure what to expect. As for the puppies from Canada, Italy and Australia, this was time to learn. The speech by President Mugabe was just too good and yet the honesty was too painful to swallow.
French President Francois Hollande could not attend the summit after the Islamic fundamentalists, ISIS killed about 129 people in Paris, sending Europe into unprecedented panic.
Turkey literally closed the resort town of Antalya and delegates to the G20 summit felt like they were being held hostage because its either one was in the hotel room or at the summit venue. It was like a war zone.
This was quite understandable because a month earlier, ISIS had killed over 100 people in the Turkish capital, Ankara.
From the outside and on television, the West is putting up a brave face but the honest truth is that there is unmeasurable paranoia and paralysis in the belly of the beast.
The big boys are on the run and we leave them to do a bit of running.
Back to the G20 summit. President Mugabe was in his usual fearless and yet mean mood. As the voice of Africa at the G20 summit, he roared sending shivers down the spine of the wondering imperialists.
The imperialists had not bargained for this one. All they could do was to sit there and listen as the painful truth was being shoved down their throats.
Just the sitting arrangement was enough to unsettle the imperialists. Delegates to the summit sat in a circle formation during the main session with the G20 leaders sitting in the inner circle together with President Mugabe representing Africa and Senegalese leader Mr Macky Sall, representing Nepad.
This meant Obama, Cameroon and Merkel, probably for the first time came face-to-face with President Mugabe. The lion of Africa and the imperialists were a few metres away from each other. There was no way they could avoid each other.
Chinese President Xi Jinping watched it all with curious interest. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave President Mugabe that smile of approval while Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi listened with keen interest.
Foreign Affairs Minister, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi told journalists on his return from Antalya that the imperialists did not only listen attentively but took the wise words seriously as reflected in the communique by the G20 summit.
“They (Obama, Cameroon and Merkel) listened very, very intently. I am sure they appreciated the points which His Excellency was making because even the G20 itself is beginning to look at its role in the developing countries.
“When you look at their communique and the document they are adopting, you can see that they are now making an effort to see what role they can play in order to assist Africa to exploit its resources in a manner that is beneficial to the people of Africa,” said the Minister.
He added: “The President underscored the fact that Africa was well endowed with natural resources but it had suffered under colonialism where Africa’s resources were siphoned mainly to Europe.
“Now these former colonial powers even after political independence have not allowed African countries to determine how their resources are to be used for the benefit of the African people. They have continued to exploit the resources of Africa for their benefit.
“The President called on the G20 countries, since they are the most industrialised and richest countries on the globe to work closely with Africa in order to get Africa to also industrialise and develop so that Africa would not attend meetings like the G20 in an observer capacity but to become full members due to industrialisation and value addition of Africa’s products.
“That Africa should not continue to be viewed as a source of raw materials by the countries of the G20 but to be a partner in industrialisation so that Africa too can sit at the same table on equal terms.
“It was a very, very powerful presentation and I could see that the other two members who attended from Africa, South Africa and Senegal, were very supportive. I could see them nodding as the President was speaking.”
The G20 Antalya summit is gone, but Obama, Cameroon and Merkel won’t forget.


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