Chubb Locks: Defining your security

20 Apr, 2014 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

The local security industry recently received a major boost with the Standards Association of Zimbabwe’s certification of Chubb Locks Union Zimbabwe.
While the company, which is part of Swedish-based, ASSA ABLOY, has been a tried and tested brand in the country for more than two decades, the high standing history now has a certification to go with it.

With such an achievement, the company is set to grow in leaps and bounds due to the certification.

Recent spates of criminal activity in the country continue to show that it is necessary for everybody to ensure that their prized possessions are kept safe.

“We have seen it necessary to get this certification from SAZ and are hereby encouraging our customers to take advantage of the benefits of having a quality safe,” Chubb’s Locks Union Zimbabwe Managing Director Mr Devon Govender said.

Mr Govender said their well-entrenched brands like Yale and Union locks which have long been part of the ASSA ABLOY stable continue to maintain high bars and now Chubb safes are following suit in terms of quality in all aspects. “We hope to inform the industry that because of our close relationship with various insurance giants we have the best experience as to the best safe to suit your specific requirements.

“The process of certification was pursued by the company in order to instil confidence in the quality of products we offer,” Mr Govender said.

Chubb’s Locks Union’s Finance Director Mr Clive Majoni said the company’s journey has seen them making their 20 000th safe this year.

A long journey indeed!!!

“It has been a long journey since the initial ten-man team started some two decades ago and now in 2014 we take pride in manufacturing our 20 000th safe and we welcome being put in our paces to meet the quality standards put forward by SAZ,” Mr Majoni said.

He said the brands of Chatwood Milner Safes, Office Quality Safes, Anti-explosives and TDR safes have clearly added further credibility to the industry thereby moving away from the cliché that a safe is a safe.

“We pride ourselves in quality manufacturing standards as well as to seeing to it that end user needs are met.

“Further strengthened by a full-time, very efficient service team, we believe we will erase any doubt from customers when it comes to choosing a quality safe for domestic and commercial use.

“In this world, locking away your treasure is the right way, what better way to protect your staff than with a certified brand.

“From a school’s examination papers, a housewife’s jewellery to a student’s laptop, all of this needs to be tucked away in a safe place,” Mr Majoni said. Chubb Safes have committed themselves never to compromising on meeting end users needs when it comes to security due to the realisation that there is personal gratification when one’s treasure is as safe as possible. n the home, one can only be happy if they are certain that their jewellery, title deeds, educational certifications and vehicle registration documents are protected from any form of danger. “Quality is our trademark and we are the only ones in the business who show the difference between genuine and fake products.

“We would not love for you to fall victim to thieves and the subsequent loss of your prized possessions, just by having the wrong choice of safe,” Mr Majoni said.

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