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Celebrate the great season that you are in

24 Dec, 2017 - 00:12 0 Views
Celebrate the great season that you are in

The Sunday Mail

Life is a collection of seasons, stations and moments. Do not die during the winter, and don’t melt during summer. Never park or pack up so soon.

Enjoy the season that you are in but do not hold tightly to it knowing that change is always on the way. Bloom through the seasons of life. Be grounded in the realities of the moment but never lose hope, faith and vision.

When you see clearly the future, you can truly celebrate this moment. When your faith remains strong you remain solidly grounded. When you have hope, you can smile regardless of what is happening now. Work hard but take time to celebrate. You cannot be in machine mode all the time.

Whatever you celebrate increases in value to you. The people you celebrate are drawn towards you. Celebrate the young for they have a promise for the future. Celebrate those of advanced age for they are a warehouse of wisdom. Never let ordinary moments lose their wonder to you. Never let your everyday heroes go uncelebrated while you wait for the uncertain and never tarrying magi.

Celebrate seasons

Life is what happens while you are waiting for the peak moments. Life is what is happening now; live in the moment. Be wary lest life pass you by while you wait for the right wind and the right season. This moment is your perfect moment, do not lose the opportunity to celebrate it.

Whatever is happening now is happening perfectly. Celebrate the season that you are in and make the most of it. Learn all you can in this season and do the best you can. This season will not last forever, make the most of it. There are opportunities in this season that are not coming again, rise to meet and salute them. Do not wait for the perfect moment, engage this moment.

Are you in the winter of your life? Celebrate this wintry season. The dark days are opportunities for reflection and the cleansing of the soul. Your tears are never wasted. Your sweat will fertilise your dreams and water your passion. The winter moments are an opportunity to open your eyes to the things that matter most. It is an opportunity to reflect and re-align your life with the realities that you might have easily forgotten.

The winters take you away from the glare of the grand stage and the beaming lights. Celebrate the opportunity to be the unknown and unsung hero. Use it to plan, reposition and relaunch yourself. Never waste a winter because you remain mired in regret and by-gones.

This is the new season; the new normal live here. Accept it with grace and live with the realities of winter. You may have to use some help, but celebrate that too.

The winter is not a time of despair. It is a great opportunity to learn and grow. You are truly finished when you can no longer learn anything new. You are truly used up when you can no longer see possibilities in the future. Let your winter season be an opportunity to recharge and retool. In the winter of your life do not lose hope and faith. Remember that there is no cloud that lasts forever and no winter that never ultimately wears off.

What is challenging today may not be challenging forever. What scares you today will not be scary forever. What is difficult today will not be difficult forever. Rest assured things change and winters pass. Dreams are achieved and soon you will be living your dream.

If it is winter season in your life do not think it is winter everywhere in the world. Your complaints, murmurings, ramblings and rumblings do not impress everybody. Bear your challenges with grace and character. Hope firmly and pray earnestly. Dare to believe that there is a future and there are possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. If you cannot laugh at your challenges just smile. If you cannot throw a celebrations party, throw your arms around your loved ones and celebrate this moment. Your dreams that seemed like they were fading will come back into full life and bloom; soon and very soon. Do not sink into desperation and start thinking the whole world is now a dark, dreary cave. There is light, hope and a future. Do not lose your heart to the wind and your mind to the mire of despair. Stay strong and wait for tomorrow. Celebrate today.

In the spring moments of your life, let go of the past. Do not keep gazing at the past unless you want to live there. But then, that would be wishful thinking. Do not allow the pains of winter to tempt you not to celebrate the moments of spring. Be willing to forgive, learn and grow.

Go forward because that is where you can only go. Ride on the winds of change and position yourself to scale higher. Never let the abuses of the past be your eternal bond of misery. Forgive, let go and grow. You do not have the luxury to stay bound. Get strong because you have been through pressure.

Get focused because you have come through challenging fissures. Get excited because your life has now just begun. Put on new growth and seek a new path and light. You can begin today and reinvent your life totally. Celebrate this moment as your opportunity to begin again.

The time of spring is a time to celebrate the coming possibilities. Celebrate the present while preparing for the future. Bloom again. Think big because the future is bigger than your past.

Make bold plans because your focus is not just impressing a few people but greatness. Your life is bigger than just making yourself happy. You can and you will touch and inspire many other people. Celebrate life by giving someone a reason to smile again.

Celebrate success

Celebrate success and wherever you see success encourage it. If someone does something well, celebrate them. Let well done be on your lips. Be comfortable seeing other people succeed.

Be excited when other people excel. Applause when other people stand in the limelight even though you may be standing in the shadows yourself. When you celebrate greatness you pave the way for your own greatness. When you celebrate other people, you pave the way for your own celebration.

Dump the spirit of the witch that celebrates other people’s failures and falls. Part company with those who plot failure and set others to fail while they glee. Be a crusader of greatness and an encourager of success. There is enough space for you, for me and for all of us to be great.

There is enough space for all of us to move higher and become better. No one needs to fall in order for you to rise. Do not be held back by jealousy and envy. Celebrate other people. Celebrate those who do well and sing their praises loudly. Celebrate other people’s children and do not scold your own because of them. Celebrate other people and be comfortable around those who succeed and progress.

Celebrate failure

It is only the mythical life that is an ever upward ascension. The life that all of us live is a life of hills and valleys, joys and tears, successes and failure.

Celebrate your failures because they teach what you need to change and improve. Celebrate your mistakes because if you keep taking them you will finally get it right. Celebrate your faults, because they help you see how much your still need to learn and grow.

Celebrate your flaws, they help keep you humble and human. Celebrate your blunders, they brighten conversation and give your something to laugh about. Celebrate your omissions, they help you become wiser and better.

Celebrate your defeats, they give your fight a chance. Be defeated but rise again tomorrow to fight. You cannot be drowned if you are willing to learn how to swim despite the drowns of yesterday. Learn to laugh at yourself. Do not take yourself too seriously, you are work in progress, a project in execution and a saint in the making.

It is Christmas time, join me in celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season and a true gift for every season of life you may be in. It has been a great year together. Let me know how this column has impacted your life so that I can celebrate. I celebrate you!

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author and coach. His life purpose is to inspire greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected] and Twitter: @MiltonKamwendo or WhatsApp at: 0772422634.


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