Bishop Lazarus

3 years ago | December 6, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: China not building us a toilet, patience is the game

Look guys, China has not promised to build us a blair toilet so letai??i??s not expect to wake up tomorrow to see the ...

3 years ago | November 29, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Gukurahundi: Letai??i??s work as children of light

Now, if I may ask: Is Philip Chiyangwa good for our football and is our football good for Philip Chiyangwa? Bishop ...

3 years ago | November 22, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Dr Amai is a real spoiler, isnai??i??t she?

The police arrested The Sunday Mail Editor Mabasa Sasa, Investigations Editor Brian Chitemba and Reporter Tinashe Farawo ...

3 years ago | November 1, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Mai Mujuru is up for picking

There is something very bad simmering under the pulpit and very soon all the Bibles will be torn to pieces. Even the ...

3 years ago | October 25, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Shamuai??i??s Club of Fools vs Peopleai??i??s First

COMMUNION with Bishop Lazarus ai???IF you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid,ai??? one of my ...

3 years ago | October 18, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Zanu-PF: No factions but indisciplined puppies

Silfar for sale, order Zoloft. Now, am back but very, very worried. There are two types of puppies that are worrying ...

3 years ago | October 4, 2015

Minister Chinamasa: Zanu-PF or IMF?

buy Vigora online, clomid online. The pretenders brigade is on the loose. No names for now, but just watch as the First ...

3 years ago | September 27, 2015

Will someone please wake up Dr Undenge

Look, Joice and Morgan should just go to bed, I mean politically, and stop courting each other ad infinitum. They should ...

3 years ago | September 20, 2015

Presidentai??i??s speech mix-up: Gone in 47 words!

That mix-up is the stuff that the media, especially the lunatic fringe amongst us, feasts on with reckless abandon and ...

3 years ago | September 13, 2015

Joiceai??i??s letter to dear Solomon

Mai Mujuru is politically half-naked and so this is the right time to shove down the truth. First, there is nothing new ...

3 years ago | August 30, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Dr Amai is what Zanu-PF needs

This is not your ordinary sermon. Get ready to grudgingly say Amen!

4 years ago | August 23, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Anita Baker sings to Webster Shamu

Todayai??i??s sermon comes from Proverbs 17:28 and I particularly like how it reads in the King James Version.

4 years ago | August 16, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Wait for it . . . Khama is coming

Tyson is on a rampage. The corrupt MDC-T mayors and councillors are in a tight fix as Tyson is going all out to make ...

4 years ago | August 9, 2015

BISHOP LAZARUS: Pulling Joice away from the fence

My heart is bleeding. I have died several times this past week. I am crushed. The pain is unbearable. God of mercy your ...