Busy Signal reflects on life in prison

23 Nov, 2014 - 04:11 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

On Sunday, November 16, dancehall artiste Busy Signal was in a reflective mood , the date signalled the first anniversary of his release from prison in the United States.

On his Facebook page, Busy showed several pictures bearing captions that tell the story of his ordeal. In one of the photographs, the entertainer is shot from behind entering an aircraft while a burly federal agent holds on to his left shoulder. “Jah know; I have been there, extradition!” There is also a pale and weary-looking mug shot of the artiste and another caption that read; “I remember this, prison life wasn’t easy (Just weeks before my release date: November 16, 2012.”

The entertainer was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica in May of 2012, on an extradition warrant from US authorities. He declined to contest the extradition to that country, which he fled 10 years ago while awaiting sentencing for drug-related charges. Busy Signal pleaded guilty to absconding bail and received a six-month sentence. However, having already spent four months in jail awaiting trial, he served only two months in a federal lock-up in Minnesota. At a media conference in 2012, after his release, the entertainer whose real name is Glendale Gordon gave an emotional and chilling recollection of his time behind bars. “It has been a rough six months, it felt like six million years,” he said. – Dre1alliance Entertainment.

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