Bringing an Easter smile to Chivhu

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Bringing an  Easter smile  to Chivhu Sunday Mail

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Linda Mzapi recently in Chivhu

The Easter season culminates in the celebration that is Easter Sunday, which is a time when many people get together with friends and family to share a meal and a drink.

The holiday, one of the oldest and most important festivals on the Christian calendar, is a time of remembering how Christ gave his life – hence it is the time for giving.

Last week in commemoration of Easter, 15 youths travelled for over 200km from Harare to Chikomba Central in Chivhu to celebrate the holiday with the disabled in that community.

Green Light International Trust is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014, whose core mandate is to help disadvantaged people such as the disabled and needy and is under the directorship of Tawanda Makwiramiti.

The “Bring-A-Smile” programme saw over 30 people receiving early Easter gifts, not from their family members but from the determined young people.

The initiative is a unique step towards improving the life of disabled people as they can now go to public places using their wheelchairs and crutches and not being left feeling lonely or as doormats of society.

In his speech, Makwiramiti highlighted the vision that he has had since he was 19, which is to help the disabled.

“I long to help the disabled and my vision is to do more in the society. If you are disabled, don’t just say I am disabled because you will remain a victim.

“If you have one hand don’t sit and beg, use it to do something. Disability does not mean inability, if you sit and wait for someone to help you will fall prey.”

Makwiramiti encouraged the disabled to nurture their talents. “I urge the disabled to develop their God-given gift and use it knowing quite well that disability does not mean inability.”

Among the beneficiaries of wheelchairs was Mrs Rachel Ndoro, who lost both legs years ago but never lost hope as she now engages in knitting mats and blankets for a living.

“I did not lose hope, I use my hands to earn a living and I take pride in Green Light which has given me a wheelchair, tomorrow I will be able to go to church,” she said.

Shuwa Matuku, another beneficiary, will also release his album before the end of the year with the help of award-winning artiste, Mukudzei Mukombe, popularly known as Jah Prayzah, who is one of GLIT’s Board of Trustees.

Jah Prayzah said that as a member of the GLIT family, he is happy to be changing the lives of the disabled.

“Our purpose is to transform the lives of the disabled and make them believe in themselves. Shuwa is very talented and I am very happy to be helping him together with his team mates in coming up with their album.”

Edmore Kandira, in his speech, drew closer attention to the miserable situations of children who cannot go to school because they are disabled and thanked GLIT for having such a good, selfless heart.

“Children as young as eight cannot go to school because they are disabled. I would like to thank Makwiramiti and his team for such an initiative,” he said.

He donated US$400 for the transportation of the wheel chairs and crutches from South Africa.

Mrs Molline Chikerema, representing the district’s education department, expressed gratitude towards GLIT.

“We appreciate the help which towards the disabled children to enable them to go to school and the statement disability is not inability will be reflected.

“They are disabled because circumstances beyond their control so we should help them and not quarantine them,” she said.

Recently the organisation donated wheelchairs and some basic foodstuffs to the physically challenged persons and other under-privileged people in Norton under the same theme, “Bring-A-Smile”.

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