BRIDAL: Give honeymoon respect it deserves

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BRIDAL: Give honeymoon respect it deserves Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. One of the tourists attractions that is going to be a part of the documentary being compiled by Chinese Embassy

The Sunday Mail

THE vows are over, she has declared her allegiance to you and it is now time for the honeymoon.

Tendai Mbirimi – Bridal Writer

Like you, without fear or fright, she is excited too. Don’t doubt her — she knows what she meant when she said “I do”.

Dear colleagues, give the honeymoon the respect it deserves.

More often than not, people do not regard honeymoons as a serious component of the wedding ceremony, yet it is that step that consummates that which was solemnised.

Marriage is like a journey, couples are not supposed to tire at the beginning, but must open it with excitement and bliss.

The honeymoon period is the only phase in a marriage that allows for problems to be simply ignored. Honeymoon marks a person’s entry into a new situation and a person’s complete screwing-up of said situation or essential elements of it.

In terms of a romantic relationship it is basically the time in the relationship where you are still fresh in love, where everything is ecstatic; with excitement ruling the roost.

Zimbabwe is blessed with a wide array of honeymoon destinations, which can make you, a give in to the exquisite glamour of love in a supernatural way in most of its breath-taking attractions dotted around the country.

Canoeing, fishing, walking safaris, photography safaris, wildlife viewing in open vehicles, cultural village tours and visits to indigenous painting sites, are some of the activities lovers can enjoy in areas like Save Valley Conservancy, Gonarezhou, Matobo National Park, Mana Pools and Hwange National Park, to mention a few.

In most of the National Parks like Hwange, relaxing by any of the waterholes with prototypical sundowners under a sparkling clear sky as the glowing African sun sets, leaves you with exceptional memories of a royal encounter.

Watching animals racing towards the waterholes and suddenly bowing down elegantly to access the precious liquid to appease the day long dehydration, adds ambiance to the romantic intimate moments that help establish love, as you begin the journey together away from the madding crowd.

This privacy is believed to ease the comfort zone towards a physical relationship, which is one of the primary means of bonding during the initial days of marriage.

To achieve a successful honeymoon, couples should understand the purpose of having such an event. They should never forget the real purpose of a honeymoon, which is to celebrate and honour the beginning of a journey together, to immerse in the expectancy of a shared life and to establish a physical connection.

For blessed couples, they never come out of this stage. But for conventional couples; when the honeymoon is over, fights start to happen. What was once intriguing about your partner may annoy you or bore you to tears.

Just because the honeymoon is over does not mean the relationship is too. After the honeymoon phase, that’s when you start going through real challenges and growing together as a couple. So the honeymoon ending is not as scary as it sounds here if your “I dos” were real.

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