Break the silence

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Break the silence

The Sunday Mail

Changing Perspectives
Rutendo Gwatidzo

WE are in the third Sunday of Women’s Month. We continue to say happy Women’s Month to all women.

Allow me to continue with my appreciation of some of the women who impacted my life and the lives of many others.

Today, I would like to cite Rejoice Nyamugama, Judith Madondo, Joy Zindoga, Prisca Maphiwa and Audrey Makoni.

It is my hope that we will all continue to appreciate the women around us, who contributed for us to be where we are.

I remember!

I grew up in the village. I did my entire primary education in Dande Valley.

From where our home is, there are some rivers to be crossed when going to school, hospital, the shopping centre, fields or town.

Crossing these rivers back then was not easy, especially during the rainy season because there were no bridges.

Even now, some of the rivers do not have bridges.

I remember, the villagers would make bridges out of poles and strings (makavi) from tree barks.

Over time, the poles would rot because of too much water and heat, then the villagers would make another bridge again.

The situation went on like that until a time when proper bridges were built, either by the villagers themselves or the Government.

Inasmuch as I appreciate the proper bridges that are there now, I cannot act like the pole bridges did not exist or are useless when they sustained my life at a time when I did not have any other means.


Last week, I came across a broken woman; shattered actually.

I saw her after a while and wondered where she had been, because there are places where I used to see her frequently.

I then approached her to find out.

Upon asking her, she broke down. We then decided to step aside and talk because we were in a public place.

“His wedding is taking place this coming Saturday and I was not invited, can you imagine!”

The lady in question (Ruva) worked as a house helper her whole life, and still is.

She comes from a humble family.

Her two siblings also lead humble lives. Because she does not have biological children, she decided to help her sister to raise her three children since the sibling could not afford their education.

The sister is a housewife and her husband has a low-paying job that affords them food and shelter only.

Ruva then started paying school fees for her sister’s first-born son (Tapiwa) — from year five, all the way to Form Six.

Tapiwa passed with flying colours, but no one could afford university fees for him.

Out of compassion, and because he was a bright child with great potential, Ruva’s boss offered to pay university fees for him.

Tapiwa proceeded with his degree programme until he completed it successfully.

Fortunately for Tapiwa, it did not take too long before finding a job, though in a different town.

When he started working, Tapiwa stopped communicating with Ruva.

However, Ruva continued to play the motherly role of checking on him here and there.

After almost a year, Ruva got the shock of her life when she visited one of the relatives, only to hear about Tapiwa’s wedding that was to take place in a few days.

Even Tapiwa’s mum did not bother to tell her sister about the event, after all the sacrifice she made towards the young man.

I believe there are many people who get forgotten just because circumstances and times have changed, yet they would have played an important part that should not be forgotten.

Organisational status

Many organisations are known for awarding and giving commission to teams in departments like that of sales. They fail to realise that for the sales team to be effective, the accounts team should be adequately equipped to provide the required resources.

There also happens to be the procurement teams that make sure there are enough stocks.

We also have the information technology team that ensures systems are properly functioning.

The list goes on. There happens to be many unsung heroes within organisations; they are very instrumental yet are unnoticed. Sometimes, this is what creates strife among departments.

Management should come up with strategies on how to recognise and acknowledge different teams.

Be challenged to think about the unsung heroes in your life.

Do something about it, especially if they are women.

Break the silence about them. Tell others and let them also know what they did to you and how much you appreciate their actions. There might be a gap now due to various reasons but whatever happened does not erase the part they played in your life.

Rutendo Gwatidzo is the managing consultant at The HUB HR Consultancy — a culture and change management organisation. She is a multi-award-winning leader as a consultant, speaker and mentor. She is also an author of the books “Born to Fight” and “Breaking the Silence”. Contact detail 0714575805/ winningstr[email protected] / Rutendo Gwatidzo official fb public page.


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