B and P embraces new curriculum

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B and P embraces new curriculum

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B AND P Study Centre last week held their Speech and Prize Giving Day in Seke on a day they revealed brave ambitions to construct a swimming pool and all-weather basketball court at the school.

The Sunday Mail Bridge was there to witness the proceedings and today we bring you excerpts from the Head, Mr GODWIN MAVURAYI’s Speech . . .

We assemble today to celebrate the success of our learners who excelled in various academic learning areas, cultural and sporting activities. We need to recognise the learners’ achievements from the earliest stages of their education (pre-school) and nurture and develop them up to Grade 7.

Our theme for this year’s Speech and Prize Giving Day is ‘Embracing the Updated Curriculum for a better Zimbabwe’.  Our school has re-aligned itself to this reviewed curriculum.  Already we have seen the introduction of Agriculture from Grades 3 – 7.

The updated curriculum has also opened doors to the adults in form of non-formal education.

Our vision is to become the centre for excellence in Seke District in the provision of inclusive education.  While our mission is to practise, in compliance with educational laws.

On the academic front, the 2016 Grade 7 results in the National Examinations were very impressive, with a percentage pass rate of 94%. This is a feat worth celebrating and applauding. In 2015 we had a 100% pass rate. Our National Grade 7 results are a reflection of the continuity of the results at all other levels from ECD

The school has an excellent  working relationship with teacher’s colleges and universities as we provided the environment to college students to practice their teaching.

There are some students who practised at our school and attained distinctions in their teaching practice. We are extending our invitation to other teachers’ colleges to send their students to our school for teaching practice. Two  of them are Mrs Bepura and Ms Zano.

I am pleased to have these two as qualified facilitators after their successful application for employment with us.

On the sporting front, it is our wish to see every child partaking in sporting disciplines of own choice.  We have been relatively successful this year in most of the inter-schools sporting fixtures we participated in under National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH).  Most of our school teams made an impact in the district competitions with some of our participants getting recognition to play for our provincial teams.  Our learners, Michael Mukono and Tadiwanashe Maradze qualified to be in Mashonaland East Provincial Athletics and Rugby Teams respectively which competed at The National Sports Stadium in Harare.

We also have a wide range of cultural and social activities on offer at school and many learners participate enthusiastically.

These include Percussion Band, Music and Traditional Dance in which our children will compete this season.  We also have Marimba and Mbira Bands.

The updated curriculum advocates for the development of aptitudes and interests of learners.

Hence skills in sports, science and arts should be identified and nurtured also to equip learners with survival skills apart from fun and recreational purposes.

The school in collaboration with the SDC has  electrified  the institution which has improved the operations  of our ICT department and other activities.

Our institution is conscious of the need to continue developing educational facilities to keep pace with current trends. I am inundated with inquiries on the progress of the boarding school.  We strive to have  boarding school facilities by January 2018 for the primary sector.

We are also in the process of erecting a basketball court which incorporates a tennis court.

Plans are underway to construct a swimming pool at a site adjacent to the basketball/tennis court.

In this difficult economy we have engaged AVM Engineering Company for the moulding of a 30 seater bus which they have committed themselves in supplying the school by 10 December 2017.This will go a long way in easing the transport challenges as we are still hiring 60% of transport services.


The school organised educational tours by air to Cape Town in South Africa between 24 and 31 July 2017 inclusive. They passed through  Kigali in Rwanda enroute to Cape Town.

I thank all who afforded their children an opportunity to visit these tourist attractions.

– They had an opportunity to swim at the beach, view the Table Mountain as well as seeing various sea animals at the aquarium.

-Our ECD-Grade 2 learners flew to Victoria Falls.May l thank parents who afforded their children this rare opportunity and those who continued to support us despite irregularities here and there.

– In 2018 the school intends to organize tours to Europe (Paris in France, London in England, Beijing in China or New York in the USA).

Finally let me thank you parents for the support you give to our children.  The support you give in form of clothing them in proper school uniforms and also providing them with nutritious food.  The support you give by paying their fees among other important roles you play is greatly appreciated.  May you keep it up.


Registration for 2018 learners from ECDA- Grade 6 is currently underway. Please note that ECD A learners should be 3-4 years depending on maturity and ECB should be 5 years.


Let me thank the facilitators who have worked tirelessly to develop and mould the learners towards becoming worthwhile global citizens.  Let me thank the children themselves for working hard during the course of the year. May I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to parents for your unwavering support to our learners and the school.

Let me congratulate those who are receiving prizes.

In the next few minutes we are going to be presenting prizes to some of our learners but for me all B and P Study Centre learners are  superstars and we are proud of them.

I thank you!

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