Asking for Government’s ear

25 May, 2014 - 00:05 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Maxwell Rafomoyo
A number of policy changes have been made in the education sector during the last 24 months, however, it is prudent for all stakeholders to consider some suggestions in order to maintain gains in the education sector.Form One entrance tests

A blanket ban on Form One entrance tests is likely to cause chaos.

Parents are likely to congest schools in panic mode as they search of placements for their children after Grade Seven results come out.
With entrance tests, some children would get places way before the results were out and therefore there was less congestion at schools.

Scrapping of teacher incentives

Scrapping off incentives should only be on the basis that the Government increase teachers’ salaries to match the poverty datum line which is standing at $511. Zimbabwe should not go back to the striking era.

Ban on extra lessons

With the O-Level pass rate hovering just above 14 percent, there is no doubt that extra lessons are needed, especially for examination classes.
The most feasible solution is for Government to lift the ban on examination classes.

Maxwell Rafomoyo is the national coordinator for the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe. Additional reporting by The Sunday Mail Extra Reporter.

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