Apostle Chipoyera targets strongman at all night prayer. . . as KPM morning prayer meetings grow

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KINGDOM Prosperity Ministries (KPM) leader, Apostle Rodney Chipoyera, will on May 4 host a special all night prayer where many are expected to be set free from cancers, HIV, demonic oppression and financial stagnation.

The all night prayer meeting which will be held at 99 Park Lane, next to the Master of High Court, under the theme, “Dealing with the strongman”.

Apostle Chipoyera together with his wife, Apostle Farai, recently launched a series focusing on dismantling the power of family spiritual strongman responsible for deploying other demonic forces such as poverty, sicknesses, premature deaths and accidents.

He urged believers to be prayerful and to fast to defeat the strongman, which is a high ranking demonic force.

“God told me that we have been dealing with small demons and not engaging the bigger demons who assign these other spiritual forces to cause sufferings in the lives of people. However, I prepared a message on how to win against a family strongman but I wasn’t ready to share because some of the Christians are not serious,” said Apostle Chipoyera.

“When we engage a strongman we have to be serious because many may find themselves in bigger problems if you approach this subject lackadaisically. Therefore, on May 4, we are dedicating the whole night to break the power of the strongman and set people from sicknesses, poverty, curses and other misfortunes, all to the glory of God.”

The KPM leader invites everyone with a long term spiritual problem to attend the special all night prayer where all the issues will be solved permanently.

“We are inviting anyone who is willing to attend to come. We do not charge anyone for anything at KPM; so people can come in their numbers. We urge people to come early as we are expecting a full house as has been the norm with all the all night prayers at KPM.

“This all night prayer meeting is a serious session where lives will be changed through prayer. Our focus is to encourage people to grow in the word of God and learn to pray for themselves. So people are free to join us on May 4, 2018 and experience a genuine move of God,” said Apostle Chipoyera.

Meanwhile, Apostle Chipoyera said the KPM morning prayer meetings between Tuesday and Friday from 6.30am  to 8.30 am, continue to grow as scores of Christians gather to pray and learn the word of God.

Many special miracles are happening at KPM breakthrough morning prayers as the prayer sessions will be underway without the laying on of hands.

The church stood in awe on Thursday during a morning prayer when Mr Timothy Goba told the congregation that one of his blind eyes popped open during a prayer session.

Mr Goba, like many other saints, were praying with eyes closed but much to his surprise, as he opened his eyes, he was shocked to discover that one of his blind eyes was seeing properly.

This special miracle saw congregants praising God for his healing power flowing at KPM.

Another great miracle was that of Ms Catherine Tichaenzana who was miraculously healed of stomach and back pains that had troubled her for the past five years.

But after prayer, the pain is now history, much to the glory of God.

Some of the believers who testified last week include Chidadiso Matema who was healed of an excruciating abdominal pain for two years, Ella Chamumorwa also thanked God after her back problem disappeared during prayer and Ivory Chipfumbu was also relieved of a stomach ailment.

Kelvin Tigere, Faith Mabiza, Agnes Makuzha, Peter Hwengwere and Rosemary Mukwena were all healed of back problems.

Shingi Sharara and Chrispen Machekera testified that they were delivered from serious stomach problems while Beauty Sign was healed of hip pain, Faith Mabiza (shoulder and eye problems), Amanda Bonde (headache) and Harriet Chiunda glorified the Lord when her sore eyes normalised after prayer.

Many miracles have happened at KPM including resurrection, healing from cancers, HIV, bareness, blindness, deaf and dump.

KPM is also home to life changing financial testimonies as Apostle Chipoyera teaches on how to prosper in a Godly way.

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