A woman’s secret

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A woman’s secret Kristy Coventry Swimming mugs in Auburn, Ala., on Wednesday, September 29, 2004. Todd J. Van Emst

The Sunday Mail

SOME of the leading female figures in Zimbabwean sport are determined to inspire their counterparts and today share some nuggets with The Sunday Mail and its readers.

Kirsty Coventry, Former Olympic champion and International Olympic Committee executive member says: “Don’t let circumstances limit you in everything you want to do in life. You have an opportunity to be whoever you want to be in life.”

Kudzai Bare

Kudzai Bare

Kudzai Bare, the Premier Soccer League communications officer, is out to change the perception of women who are involved in sport.

“I believe what men can do, women can also. Together we can change sport for the better. As women we have been side-lined over the years be it in business or sport hence I have this hunger or passion to change this perception. That hunger makes women better placed to change things,” she said.

Chido Chizondo

Chido Chizondo

FC Platinum’s charming media liaison officer Chido Chizondo revealed that she is carrying on with a passion ignited by her father.

“Passion drives me. My father was a footballer but did not play for these big teams. However, he made an impact where he played. That made me love football,” she said.

“However, being a women in sport, especially in football is not a walk in the park. It comes with its challenges. But because I love what I do, I rise above it and push myself more. To other women in sport I say the time to make an impact is now. Keep your chin up and work towards your set goals.”

Brenda Chaora, the national taekwondo champion, added that it’s important for women to shut out negative talk and reach for their dreams.

“I started taekwondo mainly as a way to stay fit back in 2003. It was only when I started excelling that my coaches encouraged me to take the sport professionally. So far, I would like to think that I have done well for myself as I am the current local national champion and the only woman in the national team.

“To the girl child, I would like to tell them that girls can be just as powerful, talented and skilful as men. We should not listen to the naysayers, we should follow our passion and train hard.

Tanya Muzinda

Tanya Muzinda

Tanya Muzinda also has advice for budding sports stars.

“My advice to other girls is that never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything that your heart desires. The trick is to follow your heart,” said the Motocross hotshot.

Golfer Danielle Bekker says: “Practice makes perfect. All one needs to do is find their passion and then put in the work.”

Anna Mguni, Zimbabwe Olympic Committee chief executive officer is preaching the gospel of committment.

“For women to get to the top it takes commitment, focus, principle and willingness to learn, to be taught and to share.

“This is a special time to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women. An opportunity to uplift and mentor young girls to aspire for sound and meaningful attainment.

Nesta Vaki

Nesta Vaki

Nesta Vaki, Zimbabwe Cricket head of Corporate Affairs had this to say:

“It’s an honour to have the world take time to celebrate the contribution of women. It feels good to be appreciated and I am sure it has a positive impact on all women around the world. To all my sisters out there, I believe God has deposited a lot in women and all we need to do is to arise and shine. The sky is the limit.”


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