A healthy body breeds a healthy mind

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A healthy body breeds a healthy mind

The Sunday Mail

Emmanuel Kafe

Churches are promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness and social cohesion amongst their members through sporting activities and health awareness programs.

The Anglican church, St James Warren Park parish, led by Reverend Edwin Mohamed Selemani, is helping its church members stay fit through various sporting activities.

Last week, the church hosted a Family Fun Day at Maranatha Junior School. People danced and played sporting activities. They also interacted and got to know each other better.

Church members participated in a Zumba session. The parish has also introduced Zumba sessions every Saturday at their church.

Church members played football, netball, snooker, volleyball, tug-of-war, whilst some participated in track events.

Rev Selemani said his parish encourages people to enhance their health through sporting and health awareness activities.

“A full human being comprises of the spiritual, physical and physiological well-being. Through sport, people enhance their fitness. Their social interaction is also enhanced,” he said.

“When people are healthy, they can add value in the house of God. They are also able to do outreach programmes. Christianity is about doing the actual work, hence people should keep well and fit,” he explained.

The event saw doctors and experts talk about the importance of health and fitness. The health experts gave free health services.

Rev Selemani emphasised the importance of keeping in touch throughout the whole week.

The church’s warden, Mrs Taurayi Nyarupanga, highlighted the importance of holding such events.

“When we come out here and do these activities, people are free. Interaction between the young and the old and sharing experiences increase people’s social unity. lt helps the church to grow both spiritually and physically,” she said.

Rev Selemani said his parish will extend the idea beyond the Family Fun Day.

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