A Girl like no other

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The Sunday Mail

Jnr Sen. Tapiwa Bengewa

Gokomere High School, Form 4

Brought up by her own epitome of Neria

Who never let her succumb to the ravages of poverty

The light went off in her life, her beloved was no more

It was a terrible blow to the 17 year old

Yet the light will shine on for many more years, reminding her of the right path.

Risking it all, determination, dedication, perseverance

The forces that propelled her

She survived life on the ledge, a single misstep would bring her to the muddy soil

Never did she confuse the reality she lived in with the ideas in her mind

The peace of mind was costly, but it was worth the expense.

Her graceful step seems contemplated on,

Like a dance to a slow rhythmic song,

Complemented by a warm heart, shakes the pillars of power

The sway of her hips brings looks from the men

Even from women walking past her

A sweet voice that persuades prospective clients and a roar that brings her career to life .

Vultures cycle over her hard-earned success, ready to pounce.

She has been hurt deeper by the ever-cycling gossipers who, tirelessly, try to drag her name through the mud.

Like a baby from her first fall on a bicycle, she has recovered and cycles hard to keep her balance.

She never gives up on the first fight, the type of lady that makes you look at your life and you leave it.

She doesn’t believe in shooting stars but in being a star, herself.

The society was unjust to her, her rights violated, but she kept trekking

She speaks on various platforms, being a Barnabus to other women

Telling them of the great strength that is within them, the strength that she unveiled

Simple looking but she is a top class citizen.

She is unpredictable like a child.

In her arms many have found their safety

Reality is, the haven for some is a den for some.

Not all have accepted her

She has sailed to the top echelons of society.

You can be with them, but do not be of them.

Your company determines your triumph or success, happiness or distress Never chase dreams, you design them and make them a reality

There won`t ever be a perfect moment; make the present moment perfect.

Let the power of love replace the love of power.

Cherish and appreciate those who offer their shoulders to you.

Do good to those who cannot do any harm to you.

Be a leaf in the wind, go at the drift of your dreams.

Have a back that bends, which lies down under the weight of humbleness.




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