US, UK summon Evan Mawarire

THE new darling of the West’s regime change agenda, Mr Evan Mawarire, has reportedly been summoned to the United States to debrief his handlers on his activities in trying to destablise Zimbabwe, and to get instructions on his next steps ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections.

Mr Mawarire, a church leader who is fronting the anti-Government #ThisFlag campaign, has sparked frenzied activities among opposition elements keen to secure donor funding as the organisations now try to outdo each other to be recognised as the West’s point persons in fighting President Mugabe’s constitutionally elected Government.

On Friday, Mr Mawarire posted on his Facebook page that he was out of Zimbabwe. Though he did not say where he had travelled to, a close associate told The Sunday Mail that his colleague was scheduled to go to the US to debrief on his activities and possibly secure more funding for his campaign.

Mr Mawarire, the associate said, was also likely to visit the United Kingdom for the same purposes.

Last week, Mr Mawarire’s calls for a national stay-away were ignored as Zimbabweans snubbed the economically destructive activity and possibly shied away from a protest driven by third forces that Government has already identified as the US and French embassies in Harare.

His Facebook post read: “Fellow Citizens thank you for your concern for my safety and whereabouts. I am well and safe taking some time to recuperate … Currently I have travelled to attend to a previously arranged engagement outside the country and will be back home to my family and work soon.”

Efforts to get a comment from him were fruitless yesterday.

His activies have seen opposition political parties and civil society organisations getting locked in frantic competition to access Western donor funds.

Analysts say a look at events over the past two weeks confirmed that the groups and individuals were trying to outdo each other in proving to donors they deserved a bigger slice of money routinely set aside for anti-Zimbabwe activities.

After Zanu-PF resoundingly won elections in 2013, donors who used to pamper MDC-T and other hostile NGOs, retreated and left the organisations bankrupt.

Now, these organisations are doing all they can to create a perception of continued relevance as new anti-Government players enter the fray.

The shadowy #Tajamuka group has even spoken of being “jealous” of Mr Mawarire’s donor support, while MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai rushed from South Africa where he was undergoing chemotherapy to hold a Press conference in Harare to get in on the act.

MDC-T also urged women to take to the streets with pots and pans as a means of showing that they were still active in the anti-Zimbabwe movement.

Not to be outdone was Viva Zimbabwe leader Mr William Mutumanje, also known as Acie Lumumba, who last week distributed fliers calling on people to come to the Harare Magistrates’ Courts where he was appearing on charges of using filthy language to insult President Mugabe.

This was after white commercial farmers and donor-linked groups gathered at the courts for Mr Mawarire’s appearance on criminal charges related to seeking to disturb the peace.

Government has indicated it is aware of the foreign hand in the social media-led elitist protests, which have failed to garner much traction after initially trying to hijack a civil service stay away.

Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo last week said, “It is interesting to note that some former white farmers, and company executives went to the extent of attending Evan Mawarire’s appearance in court and chanting out solidarity messages with him.

“Some of the former white farmers and individuals went on to record and post videos on the internet inciting the public not to cooperate with authorities in Zimbabwe and stay at home. This hypocrisy should stop forthwith. No one from the white community has openly denounced the debilitating sanctions, which were imposed on the country by the Western world. I want to categorically tell them that their regime change agenda machinations will not work.”

Commentator Professor Claude Mararike said of the scramble for donor support: “These are political lunatics … whom people should not follow as they have no basis to contribute anything meaningful as far as the political landscape of this country is concerned.

“People should just ignore these political prostitutes who want to suck Western sponsors money, when they actual know in their minds that they won’t last the distance. These are just poor bunch of hare-brained attention-seekers who want to gain political mileage.”

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  • Amai veZimbabwe(PhD)

    Cde Mumbengegwi, why hasn’t the United States ambassador been expelled as yet?

    Furthermore, we should suspend all further contact with the IMFthe west until France admits the role it played in the civil disturbances.

    We cannot have imperialists like the United States lending us money while agitating to undermine the legitimate President of Zimbabwe. Money comes with strings, and we should have no ties with, no obligations to, imperialists like the Yankees.

    Already the IMF has shown its hand. It wants Zimbabwe’s civil service – including the uniformed services – cut by more than half. We as ZANU-PF say NO!!!

    The IMF wants us to pay for the land (not just improvements) we took back from the whites who stole it from us. We as ZANU-PF say NO!!!

    We cannot snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, days after defeating their attempts to shut down Zimbabwe, by giving into their demands that we should pay for the land we legally took back from our colonisers.

    Mr Editor, could you please seek a statement from Cdes Mumbengegwi and Chinamasa that neither made any promises to the World Bank or IMF concerning cuts to the civil service or payment for land taken back from whites as a precondition of new funding from these institutions?

  • Amai veZimbabwe(PhD)

    We as ZANU-PF call on the British and United States ambassadors to be expelled along with the French ambassador.

    ZANU-PF is under mortal threat. The freedom of the people of Zimbabwe is under mortal threat. We cannot be soft with these agents of regime change, we must be ruthless. We need a new gukurahundi to deal with these foreigners and their local sellouts.

    • john Farah

      Satanist, go to he with your Zanu

  • Mavhu Mavhu

    Who is the author of this article? He must take a long look in the mirror!

  • bajay

    whoever wrote this is a disgrace to the journalism fratenity. Cant you see the people suffering everyday? so to talk about corruption and non payment of salaries is Western sponsored?.Wait till you no-longer receive your salary you will see what the so called traitor is trying to achive.Its unfortunate that people no-longer buy such crap you wrote about

  • dehwa2

    After Zanu-PF resoundingly won elections in 2013-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk despite the opposition not having a voters roll. Why would literate Zimbabweans need the West to tell them the government has mismanaged the economy? The center is failing to hold now and some in parastatals haven’t been paid for over a year. Also it’s okay for Chinamasa to go begging to the UK but wrong for other Zimbos to do it. Remember this matra”keep your Britain and I will keep my Zimbabwe”.If you have proof why don’t you cut diplomatic ties and expel the ambassadors of UK and US. This argument of the West agitating for regime change has run its course and no sane Zimbo will buy it.

  • chadzunda

    He was going to be abducted and disappear like Dzamara. Those ‘gentlemen’ in dark glasses do not play around. You can vanish

  • Gombiro

    Nyaya ndoyamusina zvachose zanu pf chinhu chese west west , colonialism blahhh blahh , tidzikamirei.

  • Salvation

    Dear Zimbabwe Pastors and Prophets
    As mankind, we are free and right in excercing our freedom and rights. However we may be wrong in using the name of God in an attempt to achieve our own personal goals which do not square up with the word of God by using and associating with the words ” Pastor and Prophet” outside its biblical context. It is rather better that many Pastors in Zimbabwe declare themselves politicians and business man and women than using the name of God in vain. No wonder why our nation is not blessed.
    Jesus’s Ministry took place in the midst of very difficult social, economical and political environment. Many of Jesus followers including the twelve disciples expected him to deliver them from the oppressive rule of Rome. Jesus Christ did not come as as a political, social or economical reformer. He never issued a call for such changes, even by peaceful means.
    Jesus Christ, loved, cared and had concern for the daily pain and hardships which were endured by people in their personal lives. He had empathy and compassion for sinners. He applied those attitudes in a tangible, practical way by healing thousands of people of every kind of disease and affliction, often at great personal sacrifice to Himself.
    Still, as beneficial and appreciated as His ministry to others’ physical needs was, it was not Jesus’ first priority. His divine calling was to speak to the hearts and souls of individual men and women. He proclaimed the good news of redemption that could reconcile them to the Father and grant them eternal life. That message far surpasses any agenda for political, social, or economic reform that can preoccupy us. Christ did not come to promote some new social agenda or establish a new moral order. He did come to establish a new spiritual order, the body of believers from throughout the ages that constitutes His church. He did not come to earth to make the old creation moral through social and governmental reform, but to make new creatures holy through the saving power of the gospel and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. And our Lord and Savior has commanded us to continue His ministry, with His supreme priorities in view, with the goal that we might advance His kingdom: “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:18-20).
    In the truest sense, the moral, social, and political state of a people is irrelevant to the advance of the gospel. Jesus said that His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36).
    When the church takes a stance that emphasizes political activism and social moralizing, it always diverts energy and resources away from evangelization. Such an antagonistic position toward the established secular culture invariably leads believers to feel hostile not only to unsaved government leaders with whom they disagree with, but also antagonistic toward the unsaved members of the very oppressive political parties, neighbors and fellow citizens they ought to love, pray for, and share the gospel with. To me it is unthinkable that we become enemies of the very people we seek to win to Christ, our potential brothers and sisters in the Lord.
    Food for thouhgt for most of Zimbabwe Pastors, Prophets and all those who claim to be Christians.

    • CDE Sinjonjo

      Salvation does not seem to understand God and Christ at all.

  • dehwa2

    After Zanu-PF resoundingly won elections in 2013-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk despite the opposition not having a voters roll. Why would literate Zimbabweans need the West to tell them the government has mismanaged the economy? The center is failing to hold now and some in parastatals haven’t been paid for over a year. Also it’s okay for Chinamasa to go begging to the UK but wrong for other Zimbos to do it. Remember this matra”keep your Britain and I will keep my Zimbabwe”.If you have proof why don’t you cut diplomatic ties and expel the ambassadors of UK and US. This argument of the West agitating for regime change has run its course and no sane Zimbo will buy it.

  • eliphas

    U guys r a creative lot

  • jacktheswede

    Sunday Mail please be professional..your accusatory headline without any sort of evidence deserves the utmost condemnation. Furthermore,Evan has been to the States before,so whats new?? Shut up already..nobody believes this hogwash. #thisflag! Much as i kinda of understand your reckless and baseless stories concerning the man of God..he is causing you and your handlers sleepless nights!

  • Idiot

    he America he UK. ndozvichatipa madhora here? tibvirei. kana musina zvekunyora ingotengesai newsprint, matoilet tissue ari kudhura.

  • IJaha le Manxeleni

    Can you address what Mawarire and his followers are complaining about: corruption ,greed and poverty among Zimbabweans.What are you doing to address these? If Evans Mawarire is doing something illegal you can arrest him again you have the biased Law and Order section of the police to do it. This man is about to do what all the opposition entities have failed to do: unite Zimbabweans against a government that does not care for the poor.A government that would rather buy SUVs for chefs rather than medicines for public hospitals!

  • tee

    uyu reporter aripi inonyora svina yakadai…..mukati dzirimo dzose here kwaari or dzakatamba nepwere

  • Steve

    In case you’re interested, Mawarire has posted a video saying he is in South Africa meeting Zimbabweans and groups there. His message is still the same – we must continue holding the government to account, to speak out and not stop, and no violence. If you have any evidence to the contrary about his whereabouts, please kindly provide.

  • CDE Sinjonjo

    Analyst how dare you call anyone who thinks different as an IDIOT. If The Herald people desisted from foul and offensive language, it would really help build a better Zimbabwe and cultivate a God fearing culture for our children. You preach about UBUNTU and you are the very same people who show no Ubuntu at all. You talk about patriotism yet you are full of hate, foul language and unGodly attitudes to those who differ with you.

  • CDE Sinjonjo

    Not all rulers are ordained by God. And not all rulers ordained by God remain submitting themselves to God and God takes away his favour from them. Read the Bible and you will see many examples of Leaders and Kings who latter disregarded God.

  • CDE Sinjonjo

    We need results and not stories. We want 2 million jobs that were promised. The Sunday Mail cannot continue to waste our time talking empty rUbish instead of talking about serious issues and THE ECONOMY. It must stop this attitude of treating Zimbabweans like people who do not think for themselves. The journalists at the HERALD AND SUNDAY MAIL must tell their handlers that Zimbabweans are their own handlers and they have all the right to associate with any country be it America, Britain, France or Afghanistan and that none of their business.

  • SIR inini

    this propaganda will not wrk #ThisFlag

  • Mik

    So what. Why was Chinamasa in UK begging for money and was booed by citizens. West west chii chacho

  • #Allpatiencelost

    The problem with Zanu PF supporters is their violent nature. Any statement they give is prefixed and suffixed with verbal diahorea of insults. Pastor Evan is the voice of every suffering Zimbabwean. A schizophrenic is Mugabe and his cronies who is paranoid about the Westerners. Today’s situation does not need external forces to push people to react. If you put a cat in the corner it will definitely fight for freedom.

  • Tho Sithole

    Dear Herald , Sunday mail and all your “handlers”, Ps. E will be live on 2 SOUTH AFRICAN radio stations today. So much for him being summoned to the US and UK ..unless he has a super fast private jet..ooh maybe his handlers sent him one…yes because Zimbabwe is high on their list of priorities…i doubt that very much!!!

  • Bobs Underpants

    So many of the ZANU-PF / Herald classic lines in here its hard to know where to start….”handlers” “Western-backed” “snubbed stayaway”….”white commercial farmers”…. Do you honestly think that this propaganda will just keep on working over and over again? Haha!

  • Tapiwa

    haha for the comments

  • if you don’t believe in him, don’t force yourself hama, follow your heart.

  • Terabyte

    The writer should have started by acknowledging that the Zanu pf government is also jealous after Chinamasa came back empty handed after a botched western bootlicking mission.What happened to Look East?, such is the confusion that has engulfed Zanu thieves led by fossil Mugabe.We respect elders who do not seek to destroy us not this goblin who has sucked the blood of the innocent,today we say never again.!!Your days are numbered,a consuming fire has been released upon your miserable body.

  • Terabyte

    To you writer,i know you too are hungry and this is a song for your supper but hey! Be warned,this is tantamount to stealing or more appropriately murdering your fellow countrymen.Let the dictator’s come and work at the herald,proping a dictator is a very dangerous game.This will catch up with you inthe new Zimbabwe which is imminent and inevitable.Victory is Certain!!!