The Tyson-Malema unholy alliance

Sunday Mail Reporter
Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere is collaborating with South African opposition leader Mr Julius Malema to topple President Mugabe, a senior Government official has said. It is alleged the two politicians have the backing of British agent Lord Robin Renwick, an architect of the ill-fated Abel Muzorewa administration of 1978 and a past UK Ambassador to apartheid South Africa.

South African media reports indicate Lord Renwick and Mr Malema met in London in 2015 after which the Economic Freedom Fighters leader apparently dumped his economic nationalisation mantra and started rabidly pursuing President Jacob Zuma’s ouster.

Lord Renwick served as British Ambassador to apartheid South Africa from 1987 to 1991, and was allegedly key to destabilising the nationalist movement in that country.

Cde Kasukuwere’s alleged links with Mr Malema were reported to a special Zanu-PF committee that gathered information on allegations against the national commissar in Bindura in April.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Minister Advocate Martin Dinha last week declared he was “ready to prove the collusion”.

By last night, neither Cde Kasukuwere nor Mr Malema could be reached for comment.

Advocate Jacob Mudenda, who headed the fact-finding  mission to Mashonaland Central, said the panel was compiling its report.

“We are still in the process of compiling the submissions for our report. I am not at liberty to comment on any of the allegations until we have submitted the report to the party hierarchy,” he told The Sunday Mail.

But Adv Dinha said, “During the meeting convened by Advocate Jacob Mudenda’s probe team, I submitted the allegation that Cde Kasukuwere is working with Julius Malema because they both share the ambition to take over power from Presidents Mugabe and Zuma respectively.

“They both see themselves as young leaders who share the same ambition. The allegations are that they are working together and they share strategies.

“I know for certain that his younger brother … travels to South Africa frequently as he is the point person for the interactions with Malema because of his links there.

“Kasukuwere and Malema see themselves in the same light. They want to run with the idea that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow is today. This is the problem I have had with Cde Kasukuwere because he wants to take over the country now.

“Kasukuwere was instrumental in Malema’s visit to Zimbabwe in 2010 and since then, they have maintained their relations. They share the same ideology and we also suspect that Malema could be providing funds to them.”

Adv Dinha also said he was prepared to face Cde Kasukuwere in court following last week’s media reports that the latter had filed a US$1 million lawsuit against him.

“I am prepared to defend all allegations against me in court, even though the papers have not been served to me. I do not hold anything personal against Kasukuwere. His strategy of going to court is to try and (dodge) his problems as if it’s a personal fight between him and I.

“He wants to divert attention and make this appear like it’s a Dinha-Kasukuwere fight so that he can undermine the fact that all Zanu-PF provinces do not want him to continue in office. If he goes to court, we will meet there and I will expose the real Kasukuwere.”

All ten Zanu-PF provinces have called for Cde Kasukuwere’s ouster on allegations of seeking to unseat President Mugabe via an Extraordinary Congress of the ruling party engineered through parallel structures the national political commissar is said to have set up around the country.

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  • Cde Vaye

    leave Tyson alone,its you who pushing the ouster with your fake news

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    Blow by blow they savagely pummel each other like true heavyweight puglists and the whole nation has ringside seats. Who will deliver the knockout blow?

    A proper rumble in the jungle. Like the true Frankenstein monster the chicken have come home to roost.

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    Musatinyaudze hatinei nazvo…

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    The pace at which Mudenda and company are moving in concluding this Presidential assignment is suspicious . How a President assignment on a matter 10 provinces have deemed critical can drag on like this does , without doubt, says a lot about whose country this is really.


    Desperation to get rid of someone now looking obvious even to old Bob.

  • eliah

    I do not know why you continue to peddle these lies which have been disputed by the Head of State.

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    These allegations are laughable and are an indication of the depth we have gone down to.

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    I don’t like Kasukuwere at all,given his violent,greedy,selfish nature,however,I draw the line when it comes to peddling lies and blatant fake news.As a national paper,you should be ashamed to publish such nonsense and expect us to swallow it hook,line and sinker.I am an MDC-T supporter by the way,that doesn’t mean my disdain for Kasukuwere and ZANU should cloud my judgment on issues that affect our lives.Come on guys .How low can you go?

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    Dead man walking!! I see vultures circling already!!

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    Chawakadya chopfuka waiti zvinoperera pakudzinga vamwe. Manje zvakuwawo uya kumusha tinofudza mombe tose

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    banana news in a banana republic !