Setting the record straight

In our issue of November 2, 2015, and also in the issue of our sister newspaper The Sunday News of the same day, we published articles titled “Ray Kaukonde in sex-for-power storm” and “Kaukonde in sex scandal”.

In the publications allegations were made against Mr Ray Joseph Kaukonde, then Zanu-PF Mashonaland East provincial chair and Minister of State for the same province that he was an unprincipled and immoral politician and leader, demanding sex from married and unmarried women in exchange for political positions, that he slept with a married member of the National Assembly, that he was a womaniser who had ruined many families, and was generally unworthy.

The article further claimed that many women had succumbed to Mr Ray Joseph Kaukonde’s demands and others had abandoned their political ambitions for the fear of sexual harassment by him.

It has come to our attention that the allegations appearing in the articles referred to above were completely and utterly untrue and were based on sources of information that have

been established to have no credibility at all. Consequently, therefore, we hereby retract in their entirety the allegations in the articles and wish to apologise unreservedly to Mr Ray Joseph Kaukonde and his family for the damage done to his good name and reputation, and embarrassment and anguish caused by the publication.


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  • tsitsi

    Asi he is getting back in bed (pun intended) with ur handlers nhai Sunday mail.

    • Zvobgo

      Looks like they want him back

      • tafamutekwe

        Nope they risk losing “an arm and limb” in legal litigation.

        • Zvobgo

          you could have nailed it!

  • hove

    It took you two whole years to realise that you were writing unsubstantiated allegations against Mr Kaukonde and you don’t bother to mention that you retracted your story following the lawsuit that was being pursued?

    Whatever happened to the ethics of journalism? We now have journalists for hire who will write that black is white and even quote unnamed sources to justify their claim.

    When will this end? Zimbabwe deserves critical journalism which is guided by telling the truth not this hate culture where people use tabloids to settle personal scores by publishing lies

  • joseph bonomali

    manje soo ahh ! in ma case still think some guy somewhere still deserves some hiding. ref Proverbs 18, 6 and Proverbs 26.3 axes might forget but trees still keep mourning their disturbed roots. Who gave you that trash? Never ceased to wonder.

  • lot chitakasha

    Good question..maybe one day she will get an apology too.

  • Ndondodza

    The issue is we are near 2018 so they want to rope him back in the political arena to be a campaigning tool in his province for the ground is not level in 2018 election programme.