Rude awakening for Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa yesterday came face to face with reality when a paltry crowd graced his rally here, a development which might be ominous for the party, especially with 36 days left to the July 30 harmonised elections.

Opinions polls released so far suggest that the MDC Alliance’s biggest hurdle, Zanu-PF, will win the plebiscite.

Mr Chamisa’s rally was scheduled to start at an open space near Torwood Hall at 2pm, but by 3pm he was nowhere in sight.

The caretaker master of ceremony, who was trying to get the best out of the public address system, openly tried to canvass support from imbibers who were having their drinks closer to the venture to join the sparce crowd.

“We want to start our programme now,” he shouted.

“We are appealing to those who are drinking beer at adjacent bottle stores to come and join us as we want our president (Chamisa) to arrive to a big crowd.

“Kwekwe, we must not disappoint,” he begged the seemingly stoic imbibers.

When Mr Chamisa finally arrived after 5pm, the crowd had become restless, with others having left.

In his address, Mr Chamisa chose to dwell on the anti-Zanu-PF rhetoric.

“We are saying come 30 July bye bye to 38 years of rape, hate, cash crisis and drug shortages,” said the opposition leader.

“We will introduce a digital government to offer instant passport, birth registration documents. People will pay lobola online, rusambo online and trap mice using cellphones.”

Mr Chamisa promised the supporters that once elected into Government, he would end the cash crisis in two weeks. He indicated that leaders should be servants of the people and that national healing is critical for the future of Zimbabwe.

Earlier, MDC-T national council member and Mkoba legislator, Mr Amos Chibaya, appealed to supporters who might have been aggrieved by the party’s chaotic primary elections to desist from “bhora musango”, or dumping the party at the polls.

Mr Chamisa currently stands accused by members of the alliance of reneging on the previous agreed formula of sharing legislative and local authority seats in the next elections

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  • Charles Moyo

    So what is the rude awakening here, its true that Chamisa will not all the time, all the places get huge gatherings. We all know where huge awakening must have been yesterday

    • Jonso

      He transports all his country supporters into one rally.

    • Zvobgo

      Actually rude awakening was kwaBulawayo
      Nov 2017 Expulsion in Byo
      Jun 2018 Explosion in Byo
      Byo? Boy!

  • Pasipamire

    And you just forgot to insert pics? Meanwhile the person in the photo is flashing the MDC open palm gesture. Pathetic

    • Zvobgo

      They know pikichas dont lie

  • Kelvin

    We all know who Chamisa really is.

    • Zvobgo

      If the Sunday Wail were to see cde Dr ThokoZanu’s tens of non-thousands crowd, they will faint

  • Dzimbabwe

    Chamisa is always like this; very dissappointing; no respect for people; lakes proper time management; he is always associated with disorganization.

    • Munhu

      Google this rally. Do not rely on one fake news paper. Simply go to YouTube or your Facebook feed. Unless you are able to sleep better from one lying source then don’t go and check other visual sources. After that Google Chiredzi, Google mutora nembudziya, google Gokwe center, google sanyati and many other and hopefully you sleep well.

  • Awesome 1

    Ooooh stupid Herald!!

  • Zvobgo

    Even in front of Zanupf poster somebody says “Hezvokoo”

  • Zvobgo

    Hendei Kwekwe via Bulawayo
    Nov 2017 Expulsion in Byo
    Jun 2018 Explosion in Byo
    Byo? Boy!

  • Munhu

    This is serious biased stuff that we expect to see from such a tabloid captured paper. Visuals from that rally are freely available on the WWW and that was a great success. I hope the observers are taking note. Ko one day kungomuka muchit yah rally ya chamisa yekuchiredzi is the largest so far, or “rally dzekugokwe dzachamisa dzanga dzakaipa”, or Makaona here mazariro anagaakaita pa Kadoma, or ” people ignored zanu food handouts to go and see chamisa pa Mutora Nembudziya”. Why not have a bit of integrity and know a good number of Sunday mail readers are going to watch alternative media and think this paper is the most fake news ever.