Mission: Rebuild the economy

Norman Muchemwa
LAST week’s meeting between veterans of the liberation struggle and the Zanu-PF leadership rekindled the spirit of comradeship that existed over 38 years ago, way before independence.

The war veterans have a special place in the history books of Zimbabwe.

While the war veterans had been receiving perennial attacks from the former President Mr Robert Mugabe’s wife, Dr Grace Mugabe, things have changed under the servant leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who recognises the key role played by the ex-combatants in dismantling the colonial regime.

Now that the war veterans are back in the fold, the nation has to move forward with these brave comrades who sacrificed their lives for the country’s independence.

The major task at hand is to rebuild the economy.

Addressing thousands of war veterans last week at City Sports Centre, President Mnangagwa emphasised the need for economic revival.

He also spoke on the importance of upholding the founding principles of the liberation struggle.

The President rallied Zimbabweans to defend the gains of the liberation war against any detractors.

Said President Mnangagwa during his address: “The task before us is to rebuild the economy, realign our politics with current imperatives, without deviating from the founding principles of our Party and revolution as well as chart a better future for the next generations.”

“We all have a duty to uphold and safeguard the sanctity of the constitution and ensure its enforcement. No organisation or individual has the right to overstep the constitution or the law.”

He went on, “We must therefore as veterans of the struggle in particular and the nation at large, work tirelessly to ensure that the Constitution is enforced and that its full implementation is raised to a new standard.”

“We are all aware that in the recent past, our revolution and the aspirations we had as a people had been hijacked and headed for a shipwreck. However, now we must look forward with great optimism. It is our responsibility to reignite the hope and dreams of our countrymen.

“We must not fail or betray the hopes of our comrades who sacrificed their lives during the armed revolution of our country.” Political analyst Mr Godwin Mureriwa said war veterans are an important part of the country’s history and should defend what they fought for.

“The war veterans’ participation in the struggle was to ensure one man one vote and majority rule. They have a role to protect the revolution.

“They may also take time to groom young people who can protect the gains of the hard won independence. The role of the veterans of the struggle is in line with our traditional values. They are there to uphold constitutionalism and building the nation.

“The reason why war veterans intervened in November 2017 to restore sanity in Government was because counter-revolutionaries had captured the State.”

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