Ministers sweat over ED deadline

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Cabinet ministers are putting in extra hours every day to meet targets set by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a new work ethic takes root in Government.

The Sunday Mail understands most ministers have cancelled 2017 festive season travel and have awakened their respective teams to the imperative of delivering key outcomes.

President Mnangagwa is himself spending much time at work, and he spent the greater part of Saturday at Munhumutapa Building, the seat of Government.

The approach is in keeping with his vision to turnaround Zimbabwe’s economy and improve livelihoods within the shortest possible time.

President Mnangagwa has tasked every minister to come up with at least three target-driven economic projects with a 100-day turnaround period.

The project proposals are due this week.

Cabinet chief whip Mr Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, who is Minister State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring of Government Programmes, will superintend project implementation.

Ministers who spoke to The Sunday Mail confirmed shelving their annual vacation in favour of working towards economic transformation.

Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said, “We have resolved that we are going to be working like we are on steroids in our ministry. We have a number of key projects that we believe we can push for implementation in line with the target.

“Our quest, as a ministry, is to focus on projects that will change people’s lives for the better. Top of the priority list is the need to expand network coverage to enhance people’s communication. We are also looking at rapid implementation of tower construction projects and enhanced infrastructure-sharing.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said his ministry wants to help deal with cash shortages via platforms for digital payments and mobile money transactions.

“You will understand that mobile money payments are the in-thing these days and it is the only plausible solution to cash shortages.

“Therefore, immediate network expansion will have a positive impact on digital payments and mobile money, particularly for people in rural areas.

“We are also looking at enhancing internet connectivity by deploying fibre optic cables in constituencies across the nation. Every household must have internet access through fibre optic cables that are connected to it.

“Fibre does not only bring bandwidth for Internet, it also allows for many products to ride on the infrastructure that includes e-entertain, e-education and e-health that will lead to accessing of Government services directly from your home. In addition, we are looking at fast-tracking implementation of community information centres.”

Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando said his immediate priority was enhancing production, reopening mines and job-creation.

“We are geared towards working hard, as a ministry, to achieve our goals in line with our vision. There is need to increase mining production for employment. Mining has to contribute to creation of jobs.

“There is also need for mining to increase its contribution to the national balance sheet through exports while also attracting capital. Mining production should increase so that the country gets additional foreign currency and the national fiscus gets increased revenue.

“The immediate priority is to enhance investor-confidence, with the objective of attracting capital. This will be done in order to increase capacity utilisation in current mining operations and secondly, for new production.”

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Mike Bimha added: “Our targets as a ministry have not changed, but now we are focusing on performance so that we deliver results in line with the President’s vision.

“We are also setting priorities so that we focus on achieving quick results for the identified priority areas.”

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo said his ministry was prioritising the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu Highway project.

“We are making significant progress and I will advise Cabinet (this week) on what we have achieved,” he said.

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  • Dude

    Supa’s target should be easy: Seize Econet Assets and give them to Telecel.

  • eliah

    Some of the objectives if there are for real are far fetched and there do not change peoples lives eg focusing on use of plastic money as an objective must be thrown out as people need cash also, reducing internet rates yes, but i do not see where it talks of road maintenance and repairs , street lighting, provision of clean water, improvement of health deliver which i think are very urgent and we only hear of beitbridge harare chirundu, please ED look at these strategeys carefully as some Ministers will take you for a roller coaster ride.


      so you thought the minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security was supposed to talk of road maintenance and repairs , street lighting, provision of clean water, improvement of health?.. very stupid indeed

  • SlackJawedYokel

    In all this, can your procurement be transparent please. Supa don’t buy towers from your friends at triple the price please. Go to tender first

  • Funman

    The minister of finance must be bold enough to declare that bond notes are out and everyone is using the US or rand.

  • Herbert Mugwagwa

    Lets have assurance Supa that you will not abuse your authority and force Econet to share its infrastructure. That infrastructure was paid for by shareholders who denied themselves whilst others were enjoying.

  • Sandura1

    There is a high capacity optic fibre cable that runs from Harare to Bulawayo owned by a subsidiary of Zesa called Powertel then managed by a certain Sanyanga after commissioning. This was a brilliant project constructed around 1998 – 2000. This was the brainchild of one schooled and intelligent Engineer, then Zesa Transmission Director Mr Francis Masawi. Unfortunately he did not last in Zesa to see the project mature into commercial value because a certain rogue called #######. These characters still exist in high offices in Zesa and have over the years created untouchable empires in Zesa and presided over near financial and engineering catastrophic decisions in Zesa ( like giving Wicknell 5 million for nothing) like what Robert had done to Zimbabwe. If Mr Masawi could be contacted to review his vision, humble and knowledgeable an Engineer he has always been, this can go a long way in helping the young energetic minister who suffers knowledge base to achieve his immediate goals.