Makandiwa’s US$300 000 Mercedes-Benz turns heads

The same model as the one driven by Makandiwa
Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

Sunday Mail Reporter
THERE was commotion at a local hotel yesterday when scores of people mobbed United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as he drove off in his latest Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG that some motoring freaks claimed to be the first of its kind in Africa.

Clad in his favoured floral Angelo Galasso shirt and a matching faded jean, Prophet Makandiwa, who had just had lunch at the hotel, drove off in his latest black “beast” that reports say arrived in the country last week from South Africa. The latest acquisition, which a quick check on the internet shows that it cost over US$300 000, turned heads at the hotel as some business executives who were at the hotel and scores of people who were passing by could be seen taking pictures of the imposing vehicle.

As he walked out of the hotel, Prophet Makandiwa, who has been quoted saying he has bought over 500 cars for pastors from several ministries, went straight behind the wheel and drove off in movie-style with some motorists in hot pursuit.

“This is the manifestation of blessings from God. I go to the Family of God Church, but i admire this man a lot. I just wanted to get close to him,” said one lady who identified herself as Shupikai Muza from Greendale.

“I was having lunch seated next to Makandiwa and I didn’t even realise it was him. It was only after i walked out and I saw people milling around his car that I became curious. I am not very sure but I am a car freak and I know for sure that this Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG was launched a few months ago in Germany.

“As I was busy admiring the car, Makandiwa walked out of the hotel and that’s when I recognised him.
“I took a few pictures of the car and in no time the man drove off. Some people ran after his convoy showering him with all sorts of praise,” said a Harare businessman who refused to be identified.

Information gleaned on the internet shows that the Mercedes Benz 6.0 litre V12 Biturbo can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4,3 seconds with a top speed of 250km/h. Before buying this latest vehicle, Prophet Makandiwa, who clearly has an expensive taste, was driving a S600 V12. Just last week, flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa took delivery of a 2014 GL63 AMG, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. He boasted that he had paid US$400 000 for the vehicle and it looks like Prophet Makandiwa has joined this club of expensive drivers.

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  • Ordained Elder

    Signs of the times
    “Let every man with an ear, hear”

  • thomas

    that is the works og Almighty God through Jesus Christ. naJesu tinoenda kure.

    • God Be With Us.

      You Came With Nothing and WE all came with nothing so We shall all Go With Nothing.

      • sexistings

        why say so Makandiwa will go hell in his benz but God’s will be transformed to be like Him at the twinkling of an eye and will forever be with God there will never be crying or these Makandiwa false prophets

    • sexistings

      yes you will go to hell

  • Tawanda weUFIC

    Ndizvo zvinoita ropafadzo yaJehovah. Inoita kunge kudada so asi unenge uchingodada naJehovah wako chete.
    The bible says
    ‘But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.’

    • Hurungudo

      Vakadaro zvakare nguva yaTB Joshua vachiti maropafadzo. Zvino ndezvipi? Mwari uchatonga hake mirai muone.

      • kunyepa

        achatonga iwewe

  • Chimsoro

    Tsvangirai nema demo ako otadzisa vanhu kufamba nemaChariot avo akutemwa

    • Illuminatti

      Vana “Chimsoro” munongofa muri zvi Musoro .

  • Matthew Oreza

    those that know their God shall be strong and shall do exploits ko kuzoti private jet paichamhara muzim muchatii

    • Illumination.

      Tichati ” ILLUMINATI ‘

  • Jesus the Greatest

    how can you say the donkey did nt belong to him when he is the owner of everything? he s the one who created the donkeys so they all belong to him

    • Sala

      Its the humility of Jesus which cant be matched by this action. This prophet behaves more like he is running a successful business, than a messenger from God. This man lives with very successful business people, and as suggested in the article, drives a car like that of Chiyangwa.

      When asked about perfection;

      Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

      • Jaylah

        are you a christian or a persecuter

        • Sala

          Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”
          Christianity isn’t just the gospel of prosperity and “look good on stage” rock star type presentations. It’s follow the teachings of Jesus not just perceived comforts and absence of problems. Jesus said “if you love me you shall keep my commandments”. You new found prophets are good on the stage and on their money, and now flash flash. Some of them committing crimes that purely show their love of the world. ie women and money.??

  • wasvotwa nei?

    Mimi tanga yako tione kana ikabudirira

    • Doctor

      yes , if it’s that easy ita yako tione, haudiwo here mari yacho?

  • Mela

    No no, mimi is right. First of all, you need gullible lazy people, (Africans, who believe things will happen miraculously whilst sat, and the confidence and skill to manipulate peoples minds. I remember one so called ‘Pastor’, how he used to say if you want quick money, get into ministry. This pastor started prophesying to people which was all made up and now things got bad for him, now on the run. He was actually in the clique yana Makandiwa and Angel. All you need to do is tell people what they want to hear, and africans fall to their knees. Until you realise you have been scammed, you shall keep paying taxes to the gvt and makandiwa. Hameno rima ratakakwidibirwa naro. And please stop saying the car is blessings of God, these are all assumptions, no evidence there

    • Sala

      Spot on Mela. But as least the Government admits that it taxes and uses the money from taxes. These prophets type people will tell their faithful that the luxurious car is from God’s blessings. They wont admit that its from offerings collected and the status built through church leadership.
      A true man of God would accept an average means and dedicate resources to helping others especially in a country like ours with masses struggling in Tokwe Mukosi etc. There is no comparison to God’s messengers here, there is flamboyance yes!

  • Pablo

    We christians of today have even become lazy to think wats all funny about the human minds?, lets quite the barking nonsense and go back to the bible , who are we to be counting on others lives ?, only God counts all shall be revealed by the end of time . Remember Jesus is coming back soon uchawanikwa uri panzvimbo here or ucha wanikwa uripakati pekutaura dzemota dzisinei neruponeso rwako . Are you going to be found in the right place or you are going to be found off track discussing about earthly things which we are going to leave here on that greate day when the Son of God is coming to take those who did as He pleased . These are earthly blessings not credentials to enter in the kingdom of God . Let the blessed be blessed for only God knows his by names.

  • chommie

    I would like to believe that a donkey was a rich man’s mode of transport then… Do you think the cars were already there??

  • test

    Religion is surely for the downtrodden instead of finding ways to improve their lives pple are busy drolling over something they will never afford an they say it is a blessing from God. please someone connect these dots.

  • machakachaka

    If a pastor receives a gift from a foreign friend, as is the case here, why should that pastor not accept the gift and drive around in it? When I was young, I used to walk 14 kilometres to a catholic church service, but people did not raise any eyebrows when the priest drove around in a car. Was it because he was white and Prophet Makandiwa is black? The Pope came here in a Boeing 747 capable of carrying 400 people. It was only him and his entourage, but noone raised eyebrows. Again, is it because the pope is white? Is it only white priests who are expected to live decently?