‘Makandiwa obsessed with Magaya downfall’

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Salacious details of how United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa allegedly plotted to cause the downfall of PHD head Prophet Walter Magaya have emerged, with information at hand indicating the former was “obsessed” with seeing the demise of the latter.

Businesswoman Mrs Blessing Mashangwa on February 7, 2017 wrote to Prophet Makandiwa outlining her reasons for leaving UFIC, one of which was the “obsession” with seeing Prophet Magaya fall.

This was after the creation of a Facebook page titled “The Truth About Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa”, which launched an attack on Mrs Mashangwa and her husband, Upenyu, on February 3, 2017, calling them people “who dined with the devil”.

The Mashangwas – understood to be major contributors to Prophet Makandiwa, and who are now demanding US$700 000 back from him – had left UFIC in July 2016.

Four days after the Facebook post, Mrs Mashangwa wrote to Prophet Makandiwa saying: “We left UFIC because personally ndiri kutsvaga kupinda kudenga (I want to go to Heaven). After all we plotted together with you against Prophet Magaya, we felt the battle was no longer about winning souls but kuteyerana mariva (setting traps); you got too obsessed by wanting to see Magaya fall.

“You don’t know how it feels to look up to someone, and then see the other side, kuplotter is for us but seeing it coming from you; it was disappointing. How will it come out to the world to know you are the one who paid our legal bills (in a case in which the Mashangwas and Prohpet Magaya were locked in a court battle over alleged improper importation of an SUV)? I know you did it for you not for us.”

Mrs Mashangwa said she had for long kept quiet about sensitive information related to Prophet Makandiwa because of her respect for “the man of God” and his wife Prophetess Ruth.

“Look at your text messages from 2015, if I wanted to be malicious, would I have not leaked all that? Messages of Pastor Kufa sending us to inbox ‘Madhiri aMagaya’. When you prophesied in church that our children would be kidnapped, I cried, only for you to send a message on my husband’s phone saying the prophecy was to make Magaya back off. Zvingani then zviporofita that you gave zvisiri zvechokwadi (How many false prophesies have you given then?”

Prophet Magaya
Prophet Magaya

This was in relation to a private conversation between Prophet Makandiwa and Mrs Mashangwa in which he allegedly intimated that her and her family could be at risk of a backlash from Prophet Magaya over the car importation case.

“What about messages communicating with (a) Mr Mupfukwa advising him to tell Pastor T (Pastor Tawanda Makandiwa) to move out of the brooke (Borrowdale Brooke Golf Estate) because of his embarrassing fights with his wife. But we never said a word.

“We were part of building UFIC and would never want to see it go down but you bring war to my doorstep. Isu taikudai but rudo chairwo kubva kwamuri we did not experience it,” wrote Mrs Mashangwa.

The Mashangwas want Prophet Makandiwa to pay them about US$700 000 they gave him in tithes.

Documents in our possession shows that the UFIC leader, has made an undertaking to repay the money, and dared the Mashangwas to go public on all confidential information relating to Prophet Makandiwa and UFIC.

On February 13, 2017, UFIC finance director Mr Elias Hwenga wrote to Mrs Mashangwa’s lawyers – Mutamangira and Associates saying while tithing was a voluntary act, the church would pay back the money under certain conditions. It is understood that Prophet Makandiwa’s right hand man, Pr Prime Kufa, delivered the letter.

The conditions were: “(1) that you release into the public domain all confidential information pertaining to the man of God in your possession, as you threaten in your letter to him. This is also to ensure that you are fully satisfied that neither the man of God nor the church owes you anything nor you are doing either of them a favour and also to ensure that the wrong you feel has been done to you by the prophet has been fully repaid by such exposure as you threaten.

“It is the prophet’s belief that you could hold threats for the next century and in the process deprive yourself of the satisfaction that should come from releasing such information into the public domain.

“(2) The church requires tithe receipts that were issued to you in order for us to verify the amounts paid.

(3) That you will be required to sign the receipt of any such refund.”

On March 6, 2017, Prophet Makandiwa’s lawyers – Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners – also wrote to Mrs Mashangwa saying their client had no legal obligation to pay back tithes, but would do so for the sake of peace if conditions set out in the February 13 letter were met.

The lawyers also said Prophet Makandiwa was suspicious of Mrs Mashangwa’s motives because she was an hour late for a meeting to sort out the issue.

Mrs Mashangwa’s lawyers shot back saying: “Your client is a prophet and the word ‘suspicious’ must never be heard from him. A prophet sees, and hears from God. Suspicion is the absence of knowledge. The prophet has all knowledge of what is happening and what will happen. It is our client who must be suspicious of the true motive of your client.”

The lawyers also called Pr Kufa a man of “double standards”, and added that Mrs Mashangwa had not intention to fight Prophet Makandiwa.

“There might have been disagreements, but it is not within her nature to pick up unnecessary fights. We note that your client insists on our client releasing information into the public domain. What we pick is that your client wants to create an impression that our client is fighting Prophet Makandiwa, which is clearly not.

“Our understanding is for some time your client has been baiting our client spoiling for a fight in the public domain which she has ignored.”

Mutamangira and Associates insisted that Prophet Makandiwa had a legal obligation to pay back the Mashangwas the US$700 000 because the UFIC leader undertook to repay any person who felt they had not benefited from their donations.

“For a sum of more than US$700 000 to have been given by our client to your client during a period of harsh economic times, is shocking to anyone. More shocking will be how your client who claims to be a man of peace and understanding will want to fight, given the genuine reasons our client has raised.

“We do not agree that your client has no legal obligation. You will appreciate from our client’s letter the basis for the claim.

“Your client specifically undertook to refund any person who claims all that he or she has given to the church. Your client being a person of integrity cannot surely deny what he publicly stated.

“We appreciate that this undertaking might have been made without anticipation that someone as bold as our client would step up and claim all that she has given to the ministry which from the look of things is by no means insignificant.”

Asked to comment, UFIC spokesperson Pr Kufa said, “lawyers are bringing a letter and respond to the letter first; then we will take it from there”.

Subsequent phone calls to determine when the letter would be delivered were fruitless.

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  • Hardnut

    I have seen beauty in people who were called evil. And I have seen the DEVIL in the most angelic faces. People should be very careful of people like Emmanuel Makandiwa who portray to be very good people, kazhinjizhinji these kind of people do terrible things behind closed doors. Hezvo mabasa avo akubuda.  What it means is he sends his followers to do his dirty works for him then stands in front of people and pretends to be a very nice person. Another shock that is in this letter is the fact that Makandiwa sometimes utters untrue prophecies to achieve a hidden agenda. Anyone is doomed if you choose to continue to follow such a man. Follow him at your peril but the red flags are already warning you.

    • Templeman

      You are very right Hardnut,Makandiwa uses people to do his dirty games under the pretext of spiritual fatherhood.Even when you look at the letter Makandiwa’s Lawyers wrote,its evident that they are trying to find a way of getting out of their commitment to pay back the money, because truly speaking noone will want to pay back 700k to 1million Dollars.

      • tm

        Why should they pay back….you give tithes to God and i believe by continuing to pay over the years that means they were happy, that means God was also blessing them with richies so are they also going to return the blessings

        • Gee Hellaz

          iwe unoda kurutsiswa iwe!

  • Templeman

    So far what i have gathered from this article is the skeeming nature that is in Makandiwa.He can not handle competition very well ,to the extend of paying legal bills for an already wealthy couple to fight Magaya.Chances are the Mushangwes trying to evade from being used might have suggested that they did not have money at that time,and Makandiwa being desperate to accomplish a mission to humiliate Magaya paid for the legal bills.

    People should begin to analyse all of Makandiwas prophecies for not all of them or if any are true.There seems to be some sort of manipulation in everything this guy does.This is a shame to the body of Christ when Men of God give prophecies that do not exist just to tarnish someone’s image or to accomplish certain agendas and yet still stand on their pulpit saying things like they would refund people their money and yet they do not mean any single word they are saying.

    • Ola

      “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?”


  • toaw

    Ahhhhh. Demanding back tithe money! Kkkkkkk. Then God should demand back His grace, mercy and blessings.

    • dr krieg

      Which God?..

  • Wellington Mundoga

    if you are a christion I pesornally I dont think you can create a platform of war between men of God.May God have Mercy for Zimbabweans. tinokudza mari kudarika ramangwana redu

  • Weston Mugocha

    If it was used for God’s work and not for self enrichment, toaw. Looks like she feels swindled here. Maybe for sure. Swindled in the name of Tithes, perhaps.

  • Tazarurwa Ray.

    If you say Makandiwa is not clean then you are also dirty. Getaway you devil Mashangwa. Murimbwa dzino demand tithe. Business rena perfumes ravhara. Imbwa masatanist. Celebration church mustn’t take your tithe because you will demand it back

    • Gee Hellaz

      Iwe wakatodyiswawo zvako iwewe, saka unoti arikunyepa here mukadzi uyu, then why is she not being sued for defamation?

  • tm

    You wont be surprised that this Mashangwa person is now working with this other person to get back at Makandiwa, the other guy is a mafia zvayo

  • Hardnut

    quickbowse ,yes its a one side of the story because Makandiwa and UFIC are playing hide and seek by refusing to respond to questions they are being asked by journalists.The reporter clearly highlighted that he called Kufa the UFIC spokesperson several times requesting for his response but they were dodgy.The man of God is truely running away from something.If Makandiwa and his church were clean they would have simply responded period.Also read letters to the Editor in the same edition ,Prime Kufa is complaining that the articles were not supposed to be published the question is then why not unless they have hidden skeletons they do not want exposed.You must be living in other Zimbabwe because my research about this couple is that they were way successful before they even came to UFIC and PHD and its my conclusion that Makandiwa saw an easy milking cow.I have followed this story keenly from the start and it is very clear that Makandiwa is not clean as you want to portray.When tithe is being collected at peoples’ houses it is no longer being done at the Apostle’s feet.DO NOT SCARE PEOPLE,there isn’t Annanius and Sapphire issue at play here.Is Makandiwa God that he can curse people????

  • tm

    Not just that the Mashangwas were also given a prophecy by Prophet Magaya, they were asked to seed their Range Rover/Landrover and in return they would earn shares in a certain international airline. But that never materialised (maybe they didnt pray enough because every prophecy has got its requirements you have to meet) and they also demanded their vehicle back. Thats when the problem started with Magaya.

  • Emerald

    Makandiwa takes advantage of people’s desperation. He knows there are unemployed people, those in debt, those with incurable ailments etc. He promises these people that they will come out of their situation, claiming that nothing is impossible. His rhetoric coerces people to pay to his church through the so-called seeding and tithing with the impression that by paying one can then receive that which they are desperate for. The gullible and desperate easily fall for this and Makandiwa and his team smile all the way to the bank. His actions are akin to thievery. He is a conman who tells people what they want to hear. It should be noted that if you are in debt you will remain in it until you have paid or the creditor has on their own accord forgiven the debt. If afflicted with an incurable ailment you will ease your suffering only through medical treatment. The list goes on. Bottom line is, do not be fooled into believing that if Makandiwa lays hands on you in prayer you will as a result become materially rich, get a job, shake off cancer of HIV, be debt free etc. Life never happens that way. Do not be taken for a ride.

    • Mercy

      Emerald. Follow Mrs Mashangwa so well. When she testifies always listen and publicise all her testimonies like this forever hantyka. You don’t need to discern to know that she is lying. It’s her game. she is going to the next ministry to cause division manje You can’t divide UFIC. You succeeded before in your previous life this time enough is enough. As for you Emerald you will know who Is fooling who if you open your eyes. The press is one film you need to wake up from and DON’T TALK OF A MAN AS IF YOU KNOW HIM YET YOU DON’T. You can’t know someone through the press, he lives in Zimbabwe not space.

      • Emerald

        You sound like a sympathizer of Makandiwa. I am concerned about his fight against the Mashangwas. I am one of the voices that speak out against thievery by Makandiwa and his likes. You self-proclaimed-yet-fake prophet Makandiwa is a liar who tells people what they want to hear and in the process coerces them to part with their hard-earned money though the so-called seeding etc for his personal gain. This is what you need to understand.

        • Mercy

          Principles in the Bible are not Makandiwean principles. Seeding is a principle in the Bible, seeding and sowing will always be there whether you like it or not. It’s a Kingdom principle. No one is forced to seed one does it out of free will. ‘YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW’. It works Emerald stop lying to people. Just because you haven’t done it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

          The Makandiwa that you think you know is totally different from Prophet Makandiwa. You can request for all UFIC books and then tell me where his personal gain is there. That’s what you think but that’s not reality. ZIMRA already did that you can get evidence from them Emerald. I am not a sympathizer, I am a daughter who hates ignorance. The press will feed you junk if you don’t get on the ground and research for yourself. You are the one who is being fooled here. God permanently heals those diseases you listed there. If you have you genuine case why not send the person to Prophet Makandiwa and see the testimony for yourself. These guys lie. He is not fighting with anyone by the way it’s the press which just created this battle-ring to make money that’s all. You sound to be so close to Mashangwa. I don’t buy any of her lies. There is something called evidence. Please help her to show the evidence yeshuwa before God and before men.Even the national tv won’t deny her the chance to do that.

        • Mercy

          Not just a sympathizer*

        • Ola

          “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?”

          Emerald, you are a one sided advocate. You will fail dismally in your advocacy. You don’t do proper research and yet you stand for the poor. You are not the good voice.

      • Bimu

        Imbori church here ufi

  • Micaia

    You really have no idea what you are talking about or the people you are trying to attack. Makandiwa is the real wolf and as much as you may want to defend him the man has NOTHING of Hod in him. All his motives are sinister and evil. It’s now catching up with him and trust me when I tell you that this is just a starter, the main course and desert are coming. Watch this space.

  • Micaia

    My friend let me help you, i know this Makandiwa chatacter personslly and i can tell you now that he thought he would play a reverse psychology on Upenyu and Blessing. He was daring and in a way threatening them thinking they are afraid of him. Now he is been put in his right place. That guy is too arrogant and proud and now thinks he’s even above the law and beyond reproach. Wait till the $2 million scandal which includes his brother Tawanda comes out soon. This time he is not getting off easy if at all he does get off.

  • Micaia

    If you really believe that your “prophet” was being genuine, why was he accepting the money if he knew the motive was not right. You guys need to have your minds delivered and liberated from this hero worshiping disease.

  • Gee Hellaz

    kkkkkkkkk aaaah yaas taura hako E K

  • Gee Hellaz

    The guilty are always afraid, kkkkkk why don’t you let the “man of God” or his spokesperson defend himself or him? Ndoovanoziva nyaya yese iwe hauna zvaunoivawozvako iwe utoriwo rima zvaro.

  • Gee Hellaz

    Kuti arikunyeperwa here, ko iye zvaaida kuita Magaya using those same people who have turned against him?

  • Gee Hellaz

    ko munhu waMwri akadiikuzviona akavamisa kupa mari yacho?

  • Mercy

    Well Mrs Mashangwa with all due respect send the ‘confidential evidence’ that you claim to have. This is rubbish. Makuzviratidza ka kuti muri Agent of division. Causing confusion in the body of Christ ndakuonai. Maipotedza ese machurch muchiitei? Manje manje you will make false claims enext ministry yamakaenda futi ipapa. Evidence which you regard to be authentic ndoyatiri kuda pano not journalist second hand lies. Your money contributions to UFIC are coming.

    THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. Go ahead and give the world what you have as the truth. God is never silent. Present that evidence before the whole world. We don’t want to talk of Biblical stories of those whom God killed since murimi vatsvene mirai mudaidze Mwari makabata evidence yenyu. If it be the truth let the world witness what God has to say. Musatinyaudze nenhema.

  • Cde Hondo

    Mapenzi aya

  • chinos

    Sounds like editor is a bribe taker