Churches spread messages of hope

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Churches spread messages of hope

The Sunday Mail

Gender and Community Affairs Editor

RELIGIOUS leaders from various denominations have encouraged Zimbabweans to pray and put faith in God while also strictly adhering to regulations stipulated by the Government to fight Covid-19.

Last week alone, 183 deaths were recorded from Covid-19, with 5 610 new infections (as of Friday).

Despite the grim statistics, religious leaders who spoke to The Sunday Mail implored the nation to remain hopeful.

United Family International Church spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufa, said now is the time to pin all hopes on Jesus Christ.

“There is a time when everything else fails, a time when a man’s wisdom is put to the test and is not equal to the task at hand.

“Our learned people are talking of a vaccine, which, by their own admission, has already been out-mutated by the virus.

“But we thank God that there is one for the wise. In all we do, this is the time to look at Jesus, the one who never fails. He is more than able to see us through.

“All hope is not lost. For, with man it may be impossible but with Jesus survival is possible,” Pastor Kufa said.

Veteran Apostolic Faith Mission pastor Dr Constantine Murefu said God has led his people to overcome similar crises in the past.

“Fear and confusion have gripped both the Christian and non-Christian community, with a lot of media reports and a mirage of conspiracy theories inundating us with regard to the pandemic.

“Some believers have ascribed this Covid-19 pandemic as punishment from God for the sins committed, or for disobedience to His word by humanity.

“The church has continued to be victorious and prosperous because of His grace. God has not changed his plans on His church. As Christians, let us prayerfully focus on Christ and his word so that the deceiver will not derail us from the promises of God.

“Let us prayerfully hope in Christ, knowing that God is fully in control of everything.

“There is nothing to fear at all,” Dr Murefu said.

Kingdom Prosperity Ministries leader, Apostle Rodney Chipoyera, encouraged the nation to keep trusting God despite losing family members and loved ones.

“Yes, the pandemic is here. We are losing loved ones but we still keep praying. We need to keep praying for divine protection so that our loved ones will be protected from Covid-19. We also pray that those who are not well may be healed.

“We know that the only solution that is proved to be effective, apart from the social distancing and other measures, is to pray because God is our only hope in this situation. Humanity is under threat but we keep trusting that God is able to protect us during difficult times. The Bible says, ‘the sun shall not smite by day nor the moon by night’.

“The Bible says though there is a plague it shall not come near my house, so we keep praying. When we have divine protection, hope is not lost. So we still believe that God will bring us out of this situation despite whatever is happening.”

Tehillar Christian Network founder Reverend Sam Ngaware Malunga urged churches to comply with Government’s directive that bans church gatherings during the ongoing strict 30-day national lockdown, which became effective at the beginning of this month.

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