ISLAM: Mission and message of peace

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Maintaining high morals

The life, the teachings and the practices of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) has been well documented by his companions who lived with him and observed him from close quarters. His was a high moral character, so that even if badly treated by others, he went on returning good for evil. People harmed him, yet he would pray for them. He would remain patient in the face of oppression and, regardless of the provocation, he would refrain from becoming incensed.

In setting this example, his aim was to fashion souls that were God-oriented, that found Allah so great that everything else paled into insignificance. He wanted everyone to have such boundless peace of mind that nothing could disturb him. Such balanced individuals would never then become prey to worldliness. Totally free from negative reaction, they would then be able to turn everything in this world, whether material or spiritual, into food for more profound thought, rather than into pretexts for rash and vengeful action.

Emotions always cloud the mind and deter the person from not only seeing matters with a sense of clarity but also overpower the normal sound moral behaviour and conduct. A kind of prejudice is created whereby one’s judgement becomes biased and as a result the overall goodness can easily be lost.

Divine instruction to the Prophet (peace be upon him)

The essence of this philosophy is expressed in one of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him)’s sayings: “Nine things the Lord has commanded me: Fear of Allah in private and in public; observe justice, whether in anger or in calmness; observe moderation in both poverty and affluence; that I should join hands with those who break away from me; and give to those who deprive me; and forgive those who wrong me; and that my silence should be meditation; and my words be the remembrance of Allah; and my vision be keen observation.” This actually formed the basis of his practice and conduct throughout his mission and this is what brought about the magnanimity within him, which both friend and foe came to acknowledge.

Constant quest for peace

Throughout the first thirteen years of his Mission, Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) preached in Makkah, but it was in the face of bitter opposition from the Makkans. When it became impossible for him to stay there, he left for Madeenah. Wars were waged against him, but he showed his antagonists that the power of peace was far greater than that of war. The peace treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah is a clear example of this, when the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) agreed to every demand his antagonists made, on the sole assurance that peace would subsequently prevail.

Determination and steadfastness

His life’s experience ranged from poverty to prosperity, from defeat to success, yet whatever the degree of hardship or well-being, he steadfastly trod the path of moderation. At all times and right till the end, he remained a patient and grateful servant of The Almighty, bringing his message of peace and tolerance to mankind.


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