God loves Zimbabwe: Prophet TB Joshua

A three-word message is all popular Nigerian prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua left his multitudes of Zimbabwean followers on his private visit to Harare last Friday.

That the Synagogue Church of All Nations leader would be in Zimbabwe had been making rounds on social media. What the general citizenry lacked knowledge on were the date of his arrival and nature of interactions.

So when he did come last Friday, he interacted with senior Government officials and left later the same day, without the entire nation noticing.

Many sighed at having missed a possible encounter with one of the Christian world’s leading lights.

But his message was a simple, yet powerful, “God loves Zimbabwe”.

Brandme International executive director Mrs Josey Mahachi-Agbeniyi, who facilitated the visit, told The Sunday Mail that Prophet TB Joshua will hold a crusade in Zimbabwe soon.

He paid a courtesy call on Vice-President Kembo Mohadi and Minister of Scholarships Dr Christopher Mushohwe.

Acting Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Simon Khaya Moyo told The Sunday Mail that President Mnangagwa could not meet the prophet as he had other commitments.

“We understand some people are spreading false information that we snubbed TB Joshua. I want to make it clear that the President did not snub TB Joshua, he is not a snubber.”

Mrs Mahachi-Agbeniyi confirmed this, “He just wanted to see Zimbabwe. For someone at his level, he would not do so without paying a courtesy call on Government officials. Unfortunately, when he was available, the President had other engagements. He (the prophet) had to rush for an urgent event in Lagos, so he left late Friday night.

“He said God loves Zimbabwe. He loves Zimbabwe, and there is going to be a crusade very soon. We all appreciate his having come to Zimbabwe for the first time. Dates and logistics will be announced soon.” She also said, “I have known TB Joshua for two years, and I am always at Scoan once, if not twice, every month. On my first visit there, I was blessed to meet him one-on-one.

“Since then, I have been asking him to just step his foot in Zimbabwe like he does in other nations. When God’s time is due, it surely happens and it has happened.”

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  • jolo

    A conman and you still want to call him “prophet”. Give us a break and get some news!

  • jolo

    A conman for goodness sake. if you want to glorify bigotry and lies go start your own newspaper

  • Morgan Ndangana

    Honestly speaking, this man says GOD LOVES ZIMBABWE!!! DOES GOD EVEN HATE??????? So is there a country he DOESNT LOVE????? TuBerclosis Joshua kkkk!!!Who is he and his connection with the GOD?? Yah human mind is very retarded in Africa!! and period! Takasara and we millions of miles away. We still believe that Wicknell Chivayo and his lumps of fat, can be a witch and can fly in a 500grams of reed basket!!!! Fools we are!! I hate the man with a passion. Why our leaders sitting next to these idiots? Last time I saw the same leader with one Zim crook, they get away with all these polotical connections!! Amazing what we do in Africa.

    • teit

      judge not for you not to be judged. noone is being forced to follow him if you do not believe his works you can keep your opinion to yourself. kuverenga wonyarara hakuna kumbourayisa munhu

      • Morgan Ndangana

        who are you by the way? uriani pasipano you b….d, dai ariko mwari akutora like now now

    • true shona

      Idiot .Is it bad to say God loves Zimbabwe?
      God hates yes read your bible.
      He said for Jacob I loved and Essau I hated

  • nathan

    Zimbabweans so who is the real man of God? l have been to scoan and have received help real time don’t just criticize what you dont know in detail

    • Morgan Ndangana

      kkkkkk u are a sadistic, in life there is no short cuts to success. You think you got salvation but you mentality stinks as f..ck. scoan, may bum, fool fool fool.

    • Ignatious

      Everyone of us is the real man of God. Remember we are all in the image of God. I haven’t heard about the real man of Satan so far.

  • Tendai Sithole

    One wise man once said, “What people know they destroy, what they don’t know they call names”. Most of our troubles are tongue troubles.