Gideon Gono spills the beans

Ex-Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr Gideon Gono has opened up about how his former advisor, Munyaradzi Kereke, controlled a section of the police force and used it to do his personal bidding.

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mail, Dr Gono also spoke about how Kereke orchestrated a sophisticated scheme to discredit the then RBZ chief, including creating “evidence” of a plot to poison military generals.

Kereke, who is serving a ten-year prison sentence for rape of a minor at gunpoint, a fortnight ago apologised – through this newspaper – for making corruption allegations against Dr Gono and announced he had dropped the claims before trial.

Dr Gono told us he had accepted the apology, and then opened up on the events leading to him sacking Kereke in 2012.

“It became an open institutional secret that the man’s preoccupation had shifted to pleasing certain principals outside the bank, whom I don’t know.

“It became a question of trying to serve two or more masters at the same time. Accordingly, trusting him with sensitive matters of statecraft in my office or the bank in general became very tricky and difficult.

“I lost confidence in him totally after a series of incidents I considered compromising to the bank if not addressed through separation,” said Dr Gono.

He said by early 2012, Kereke was exhibiting political ambitions, which he later fulfilled by winning the Bikita West parliamentary seat after beating ex-RBZ staffer Mr Elias Musakwa in the 2013 elections.

“So powerful were some quarters operating in his corner such that he could command police to appear anywhere he wanted by just making one phone call.

“On the day he finally left the bank after several attempts to defy my orders, he phoned his friends in ZRP and suddenly four men armed with AK rifles and police cars appeared at the bank to carry all the boxes of secret bank files he wanted to take with him against the bank’s rules and separation procedures.

“They bullied bank staff and forced out the files. Now, if that was not a display of power and defiance, I don’t know what is. Any member of staff could be arrested or harassed by police at his say-so, inside or outside the bank.

“Although he had handed over some bank files to the team that was supervising the handover-takeover process, there are some files he refused to handover, claiming they contained special defence, police and security assignments he had been assigned to work on, without my knowledge, using my time in the bank.

“This was confirmation that there were forces that he was now reporting to other than the governor …

“As a result, he left the bank with confidential files and documents,” said Dr Gono.

Dr Gono said Commissioner-General of Police Dr Augustine Chihuri and his deputies were not aware of these abuses.

“I know that this police contingent was not sent by the Commissioner-General or his deputies. They were not aware of this operation to disrupt the smooth handover-takeover processes that are normal in any institution; threatening to shoot anyone who prevented Dr Kereke from taking home all files he wanted.

“The previous day, another contingent of police had also come to the bank armed with AK rifles with a view to intervening and persuading me to let Dr Kereke remain with the bank.

“In short, the man was now a bundle of connections, a powerhouse of indiscipline and unexplainable behaviour that answered to other authorities than myself or the system in the bank.

“His presence in the bank instilled so much fear and trepidation among junior and senior members of staff, including management. Even deputy governors felt powerless to engage him from a position of seniority over him.

“During private moments with junior managers and staff, Dr Kereke, would tell them of his imminent reassignment to higher offices and how he would soon be overseeing the bank and its operations.

“There started to be divisions in the bank, with staff being told who would remain in the bank and who would leave after the promised elevation and reorganisation.

“This confused many and created parallel structures of loyalty and factions,” explained Dr Gono.

“The last straw was when in January 2012 I returned from leave only to be confronted with bank supervision documents and a very mischievous and technically misleading report which had been ‘anonymously’ sent to a number of Politburo and Central Committee members, senior Government officials, security arms of the State and some Members of Parliament, alleging that my approval of EcoCash money transfer system was a political project by Strive Masiyiwa and myself to prop up opposition political parties so they could defeat Zanu-PF in the 2013 harmonised elections by creating a parallel central bank that would mint money and transfer it to the rural voting public in return for votes.

“At that time in Zimbabwe, few people understood the concept of mobile money and were easily manipulated.

“This trash of a report on EcoCash was surprisingly accepted as gospel truth in some circles and structures of the country with some senior Government officials swallowing its contents hook, line and sinker.

“The effect was to draw daggers against me and I became a marked man. So started the plot to bring down the governor by all means possible and usually, when a dirty job is to be done, there is no better person to do it than someone believed to be close, be it as a friend, a brother, sister, close relatives or workmate.

“Strategies to clone my voice were hatched and supposed recordings of me talking to MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, letters with my forged signature of purported plots to destabilise Zanu-PF (were created).

“Purported attempts to poison and kill army generals and harm the President started to surface and made rounds in certain key offices.

“Some of these offices, out of genuine ignorance of these techniques, believed the plots as contained in the fake letters and my supposed voice.

“Day in day out, I wasted time managing rumour, suspicion and disenchantment caused by such a programme of disinformation and assassination of my character instead of focusing on national challenges.

“The atmosphere became poisoned and untenable but I could not put my hands on exactly who was behind those schemes.

“Against such a background, I got to a stage where, after talking to the President and consulting the board, I decided to dismiss Dr Kereke, and in order to avoid a contested route to the separation, the bank paid in full all his dues to the end of his contractual term of office, in line with his contract.”

Dr Gono told The Sunday Mail the corruption allegations negatively affected his businesses, his professional standing and his family.

Asked if he accepted Kerek’s apology, Dr Gono said: “Do I even have a choice on that matter at all? The Lord’s Prayer teaches us to ask the Lord for the ‘forgiveness of our sins as we also forgive those who sin or trespass against us’.

“I have already said that I have sinned countless times since I was born. I have sinned against all members of my family, my friends, relatives, acquaintances, workmates, juniors and seniors, principals and non-principals, and many others including Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans in general through my acts of commission or omission, and daily I ask God to reach out to the hearts and minds of all these people, soften them up and forgive me.

“Some I apologise to their faces, others I can’t, but I am a strong believer in the concept of apology and forgiveness as the Bible teaches us to do.

“Let he who has not made a mistake, who has not sinned, refuse to apologise and seek for forgiveness or refuse to accept a genuine apology such as that coming to me from Dr Kereke and hold back, even for a second, to forgive someone.

“However, acceptance of apologies and granting of forgiveness is not synonymous with forgetting. We will begin anew our relationship with munin’ina Kereke, but each one knowing the boundaries of that relationship.

“…I miss the moments when Dr Kereke was still the 31 to 36-year-old reliable, dependable, brilliant, sincere, honest, cheerful, hospitable, trustworthy pillar of my professional life; simple, sober and a one-wife character who I first taught farming at the Redwing section of my New Donnington Farm in Norton in 2004-2006 before he got his Pamene Farm in Chinhoyi; the ever smiling genius that he was. I miss those parts of him.”

Dr Gono said he had not withdrawn defamation suits for US$25 million and US$20 million filed against Kereke in June and August 2012, as he was still consulting with people affected by the corruption allegations.

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  • Why like this

    please….. when all tht ws happenining why did yu not SPILL THE BEANS

    • Major Musango

      It shows you have never been in love.

      • Dr Nyashanu

        Both of them must have the audacity to answer how they suddenly became filthy rich after walking into Central Bank.
        We all know where they came from. The reckless money market operations between 2003 and 2009 were masterminded by both of them. They should explain this before this forgving nation can pardon them.

  • jimmy toole

    There is more to these two than meets the eye, this is probably just the proverbial tip of the iceberg!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Indeed,politics,is by nature, a very dirty game. Anyone playing that game should sleep with one eye very open ,in order to manage political foes. A very pregnant tale of Doctors Gono and Kereke! Also a very sophisticated political drama case with a hidden retinue of dramatis personae. It will remain an enigma for the public to comprehend. May God help the two to find a peaceful way to Heaven or Hell!

  • Maporo

    Kereke is in carceration hence not at liberty either this story is a cooked story or it is a story Kereke forced to make under duress.What we know is the Gono and Kereke saga or rather we call it Central Bankgate,has big fat Cats behind.Kereke raised alarm bells that would have led to expose real big Cats .Do not forget operation sunrise and inflation days.Gono was someone’s Financial Manager during this error and lots of forex were syphoned.
    We know Kereke is not in jail for rape and we know by the time Kereke saved his 10 year jail term ,the main Culprit will be long dead.The real thief who commanded all this – Icho!

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    we don’t care

  • mumwewo mface

    With all due respect Dr Gono , I find it impossible to imagine that the country’s top cops were unaware of the shenanigans at such a sensitive institution. Even if they weren’t I am sure state security were aware. What you said corroborates political muscle , no doubt , but when AK-47 wielding goons are terrorizing employees of the institution I simply refuse to understand how the commissioner and other to cops would not know this.

  • mpengo

    Who cares about your explanations, Gideon Gono?

    What about the indirect and direct consequences on people’s lives at a national scale?

    You enriched yourself through the suffering of an entire country.

    You were the King Pin of the black market, facilitating even the release of new notes before planned dates…sending your agents out on the street to harvest USDs, to drive up inflation and destroy the Zimbabwean dollar.

    You continuously lectured business with arrogance and hubris, always referring to yourself praisingly as “your Governor”…something that evidently has not changed from this statement. Still referring to yourself in the third person as though you are some god.

    You are directly responsible for the erosion of people’s pensions, the death of people as a consequence of failure to access inflated medical care, the nurturing and growth of a culture of corruption and ill-gotten gain.

    An instrument of the devil.

    I have yet to meet a single person who likes you or regards you as highly as you believe you are, even from relatives and friends who are still part of ZANUPF.

    No one ever liked you and we all saw through your “good man” façade as we see you now.

    Enjoy the “fruuts” of your labour.

    • chinos

      Could not agree more. The man who enjoyed listening to his own voice. The man who brought untold suffering for Zimbabweans for his benefit and that of his master. He who waved an entire nation to hell. We wish the new dispensation brings you to book. Rotten soul.

  • Awilo

    And why has the reporter not mentioned the allegations of corruption levelled by Kereke against Gono???
    Why leaving such important comment from Gono. Then this is a “handled” story.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Iwe don’t you know these ZANU reporters are paid kunyora stories like this? Check his pockets

  • Tendai

    Gono, I guess you also miss the Kereke who, according to him, wrote your PhD thesis for you.

  • chinos

    The thief who engineered the downfall of an entire nation. Belongs to prison as well

  • mbuya oni


  • Greeforce

    Matsotsi. Gono should be locked up for printing useless bills & zeroing bank accounts as multi currency got introduced.

  • Olivia khosa

    you can fool some people some of the time ‘idiot gono’, but you cant fool all the people all the time. ‘Chikomana’ had time and concern for staff at the Bank than you. Remember kamurungu kako kainzi Keogh wakazongokaita rough wani. Iwe ndiwe usina dhiri plus zvichine basa rei?