Dangote revives interest in Zim

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Africa’s richest man, Mr Aliko Dangote, interacted last week on the multi-billionaire’s plan to expand investments in Zimbabwe.

The Sunday Mail understands Mr Dangote is likely to venture into agriculture in addition to already stated interests in cement manufacturing, coal mining and thermal power.

Brandme International executive director Mrs Josey Mahachi-Agbeniyi facilitated the conversation between President Mnangagwa and Mr Dangote; and the President subsequently met Dangote Group CEO (Agriculture) Mr Robert Coleman in Harare on Friday.

Geologists from Dangote Group are expected in Zimbabwe this week while Mr Dangote will likely come in March.

Mrs Mahachi-Agbeniyi told The Sunday Mail: “I decided to revive communication links with Mr Dangote because a lot happened before, and he believes the messages that are being made by this new dispensation.

“Mr Dangote’s technical teams will be in the country in a few days’ time and I am in the process of sorting their visas. There are things that went wrong the last time, but the ministers are committed to correcting what went wrong. He is very keen on coming back to Zimbabwe and investing in the country.

“He has added another interest, which is agriculture; this is why Mr Robert Coleman, the CEO of Dangote Group’s agriculture firm, came to the country to meet President Mnangagwa.”

On his first visit to Zimbabwe in 2015, Mr Dangote met then President Robert Mugabe, pledging to invest in coal mining, cement manufacturing and power generation.

Forbes magazine estimates Mr Dangote’s net worth at over US$14 billion.

Last week, Russian billionaire Mr Dmitry Mazepin was in Zimbabwe to explore fertiliser manufacturing and mining opportunities.

He met President Mnangagwa and held discussions with Cabinet ministers and representatives of fetiliser giant Chemplex.

Mr Mazepin owns one of Russia’s largest fertiliser manufacturers, Uralchem, which specialises in potash.

According to Forbes magazine, he has an estimated net worth of US$7,7 billion.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    This is pure BS. Why do you keep lying and stringing is along? Can you tell us the status of the ‘mega deals’ from before? What happened there? Liars

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      We should accept that the new dispensation is trying to improve the environment in order to make the deals move to implementation stage instead of being in the pipeline stage for long. Lets all hope for the better and improvement this time around. We should not be pessimistic in attitudes. Is that what you would tell investors as a Zimbabwean?

      • fidel

        So you are inadvertently insinuating that the previous economic environment was actually Mugabe made. “We should accept ………… new dispensation …….. to improve the environment …… ” I never thought you would convert to reality so fast. What happened to your sanctions mantra? This Prof’s memory has short legs.

      • Milton Moyo

        talk talk and talk hey!!! tired of this.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Successful business leaders look at the fundamentals in any country before they finally invest . The fundamentals are influenced by local and foreign factors such as politics , infrastructure, skills, markets, utilities , profitability, laws , etc. Therefore, our country needs to be very competitive to attract the investors. Investors are not like “colonial missionaries” who would just pitch their church tents all over in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, before making an environmental scan of sinners. It is encouraging that our government under the new dispensation is espousing a new and attractive trajectory.

  • Milton Moyo

    talking does not change anything.