Creation not evolution!

By Umari Stambuli Holy Qur’aan Speaks
WE are all familiar with bees, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, flies, and many other insect species. These tiny creatures that you frequently encounter have remained unchanged for millions of years. Evolutionists claim that they must have turned into what they presently are, from strange and unusual life forms during the imaginary evolutionary process. Yet this never happened, and living fossils are clear proof of this. Had this actually happened – if the fossil records everywhere were full of intermediate forms… had these living fossils continued their development, as evolutionists maintain, then those evolutionists would have published books full of the evidence for this.

Yet they are silent in the face of the fact that all the millions of “pieces of evidence” represent not evolution, but creation.

Those that believe in evolution stubbornly continue to ignore this glaring evidence of creation. Their fanatical support and illogical attempts to account for the origin of life is already amazingly being refuted by countless recent scientific discoveries which clearly reveal that the theory of evolution is nothing but a superstition. The scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution is abundantly clear especially in this 21st century.

Charles Darwin wrote, in The Origin of Species, where he made his theory of evolution public, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

Scientific “discoveries”

The theory applied materialist philosophy to nature and challenged the consensus that life on earth is the artifact of the Creator. During the following 150 years, many in the scientific community assumed that Darwin had almost accomplished this task. Today, science demonstrates that they were mistaken. Findings in the last two decades alone have shattered the basis of the theory. Key branches of science, such as paleontology, biochemistry, population genetics, comparative anatomy, and biophysics, indicate one after another that natural laws and chance effects proposed by the theory cannot explain the origin of life. Life turns out to be infinitely more complex than Darwin imagined in his time -demonstrating that his theory has absolutely “broken down.”

Yet Darwinists make a tremendous and continued effort to prevent this illusion from losing its power. Each person has to employ their own conscience and intelligence to consider-and understand-the self-evident fact of Creation.

The Creator

Anyone who’s been rescued from the spell of Darwinism and grasps the reality of Creation will also understand that God, the Lord of all the worlds, has created him as well. This fact is the greatest import, because the sole purpose for the world’s coming into existence is so that people may come to know God and serve Him.

Between early 2001 and the present day there have been a number of very interesting and important developments in the world of science. The advances made in different scientific fields have once again revealed the terrible scientific dilemma the theory of evolution finds itself in. The present collapse of the theory is also resulting in the collapse of materialism itself. Materialist philosophy, which accepts only the existence of matter and presupposes man to be “a heap of matter”, goes on to assert that man is no more than an animal having evolved!

Modern Science

Modern scientific discoveries reveal over and over again that the popular belief associating Darwinism with science is false. Scientific evidence refutes Darwinism comprehensively and reveals that the origin of our existence is not evolution but intelligent design that is creation. God has created the universe, all living things and man.

Darwinism claims that intermediate fossils exist, when they do not … It offers invalid “proofs.” All the fossils discovered clearly verify creation, but it (Darwinism) maintains just the opposite. It seeks to persuade us that great artistes and brilliant scientists came into existence through a chance arrangement of proteins. It even seeks to convince us that university professors who thus emerged do research on how they, themselves, came into being by chance!

Darwinism regards the way that a living cell’s chromosomes contain more coded information than a giant library, as a miracle of blind chance. It insists that merely by the stroke of chance, unconscious atoms developed over eons into seeing, hearing, conscious human beings. For Darwinism, the deity that works miracles is “chance”. However, it is interesting to note that, in this day and age – of advanced scientific research, the proponents of Darwinism :

  1. No longer claim that proteins could have formed through “evolution.” The odds against even a single protein emerging randomly in its correct sequence is 10950 to 1 – meaning a mathematical impossibility.
  2. No longer present fossils as evidence of evolution. All the worldwide excavations down to the present day have not unearthed a single one of the mythical “intermediate forms” or “missing links,” of which evolutionists once claimed there should be millions.
  3. Despair in the face of the countless fossils discovered so far. That’s because each one is of a kind that supports and proves specific creation.
  4. Can no longer maintain that fossil creatures like Ramapithecus were the ancestors of man. Research has demonstrated that they are totally unrelated to human beings and are extinct species of ape.
  5. Can no longer deceive people with artists’ “reconstructions” of animals that once lived. Scientists have revealed that reconstructions based on the skeletal remains are of no “scientific” value and are completely untrustworthy.

Today, science has proven that the universe had a beginning, that is – it was created from nothing. With this beginning called the Big Bang, both matter and time were created from nothing. Moreover, the discoveries made in the last 30-40 years have revealed that the physical balances of the universe are organised in an extraordinarily precise way. All physical balances of the universe from the rate of the explosion (Big Bang), to the values of the four basic forces of physics, from the nuclear reactions in stars to the structure of atom, are tailored to support human life. The structure of the earth, its place in space, and its atmosphere are all designed just as they have to be.

The physical and chemical properties of atoms such as carbon and oxygen, or molecules such as water are ordered to make human life possible. Shortly put, there is no room for coincidence in the universe. The entire universe is created according to a certain purpose and in a glorious equilibrium, harmony and order.

Manifestation of God –The Creator

Every new discovery in every branch of science over the last so many decades has proved that evolution is a fabrication and that Creation is the manifest truth. The truth revealed by science is that God created the universe out of nothing and that the theory of evolution is of no scientific worth whatsoever.

It has been revealed that The Almighty (Creator) brought life and the entire universe into existence by commanding it to “Be!” as highlighted in the verse of the Holy Qur’aan“He [God Almighty] is the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it is.” (Ch2: v 117).

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