Chombo disowns Prof Moyo letter

Kuda Bwititi Chief Reporter —
ZANU-PF Secretary for Administration, Dr Ignatius Chombo has refuted claims that he wrote a letter absolving Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who is facing US$430 000 corruption allegations.

Over the past few weeks, a letter purportedly written by Dr Chombo has been circulating indicating that Prof Moyo had indeed used the US$430 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund to fund Zanu-PF activities.

Dr Chombo spoke as a special Zanu-PF panel mandated to investigate the corruption allegations against Prof Moyo said it had completed its probe and had already handed over its report to the Zanu-PF leadership.

In an interview with this paper, committee chair Advocate Jacob Mudenda confirmed concluding the investigation, but would not be drawn into giving further details.

“We have finished our work and have reported the outcome to the superiors. This was an internal matter so I am not at liberty to disclose anything to you,” said Adv Mudenda who is also National Assembly Speaker.

Dr Chombo told The Sunday Mail that he was not directly involved in the committee’s work, and did not issue any communication absolving Prof Moyo.

Some Press reports had suggested last week that Dr Chombo — also Home Affairs Minister — wrote to Prof Moyo’s lawyers on behalf of President Mugabe “clearing him” of any wrongdoing.

But Dr Chombo said, “There were reports that I wrote a letter to affirm the position of the committee that was established (to probe corruption allegations against party Secretary for Science and Technology Professor Jonathan Moyo).

“I have nothing to do with that letter. It was news to me. Cde Mudenda is the person who is rightfully mandated to handle that matter. I am not a member of that committee.”

Prof Moyo is accused of siphoning US$430 000 from Zimdef alongside his deputy, Dr Godfrey Gandawa. It is believed the two took the money through shelf companies Wisebone Trading and Fuzzy Technologies.

Dr Gandawa owns Fuzzy Technologies, and has since been arrested, with his matter now before the courts. Prof Moyo has contested the charges in the Constitutional Court, though he has tacitly admitted, via social media, to diverting the money.

He has also claimed the allegations are motivated by tribalism and has sued the public media for reporting the investigation. When the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission started actively pursuing the matter in October 2016, Zanu-PF assembled the Mudenda-led panel as part of internal party processes.

Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba is on record saying the Zanu-PF probe did not seek to undermine Zacc’s investigation, but was done at the instigation of President Mugabe who does not want the party to be funded through ill-gotten gains.

Mr Charamba said President Mugabe did not authorise the establishment of the committee to forestall other legal processes, but its formation arose to attend to issues relating to ethos of the party and inter-personal relations in the interests of maintaining harmony within Zanu-PF.

Turning to the forthcoming 16th Zanu-PF Annual National People’s Conference to be held in Masvingo, Dr Chombo indicated that corruption would be discussed at the conference.

He said most of the party’s provinces had submitted resolutions for Conference consideration, adding that Mashonaland Central was among those yet to do so.

The province’s acting chair, Cde Dickson Mafios, is in the eye of a storm for attacking the party’s “one-centre-of-power” principle, and pushing for the election of President Mugabe’s deputies. Presently, President Mugabe is empowered by the Zanu-PF constitution to pick Vice-Presidents.

Dr Chombo said, “Our Secretary for Legal Affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, is looking at resolutions that have been made by provinces. He will consolidate those resolutions, according to their popularity across the provinces. So, if a single resolution is made and has no support from other provinces, it is unlikely to find its way onto the main agenda.

“I can say the majority of resolutions have been brought in from the provinces. I am yet to see the so-called (Mafioso resolution challenging the appointment of Vice-Presidents by President Mugabe) from Mashonaland Central, which made headlines in the papers.

“The Conference’s main agenda will revolve around progress on Zim-Asset, with Cabinet ministers expected to update delegates on progress made in implementing the blueprint.”

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  • Moe_Syzlack

    First of all ZANU shouldn’t be investigating Moyo and handing reports to leadership. That’s the job of the police. Secondly, it should not matter whether or not Moyo used Zimdef funds to fund ZANU activities. It’s criminal to use taxpayer funds to fund ZANU period. The fact that Moyohasnt spent a single day so far kuChikurubi shows us Zimbos all we need to know about inaction within ZANU when it comes to corruption. You are all thieves.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      I am ZANU PF . but am not a thief. The party has the right to make its own internal investigation on whether the party received the said funds to its benefit. But this should not vitiate the necessary government investigation or prosecution ,if necessary, of the fingered Minister. An accused is presumed innocent until the law and courts decide. Was the bearded Dr Kereke not fingered and the case took ages to decide? Please lets allow due process to carefully move the wheels of justice in the interest of fighting and eradicating corruption in our motherland. No one should be protected from wrath of the law. But you must remember that a fingered individual is also protected constitutionally in the process of proving the veracity or malice of the fingering.

      • takunda nigel

        Yes ,presumption of innocence , due process of law are all needed but should they be followed at the expence of authority , risk of losing supporters because pple begin to doubt if action is ever going to be taken . Moyo has admitted to wrong doing but he is still a free thief ,WHY ?
        I am ZANU PF !

      • Diva J

        Kereke is Zanu Pf , what your point here ?


      you missed the point. its clearly stated that George Charamba said its an internal process and its not taking away ZACC investigation. He said the party should not be “funded from ill-gotten gains and to protect party ethos”. Hence the internal process

      • Dr Tichie Matibiri

        it is the credibility of zaac when their investigations is led by a fugitive like Nguni

    • MuZimba

      Well said,

    • Mbudziyadhura

      Well u said its the job of the police.Now u are saying inaction within ZANU.Are u not confused & confusing.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    So what will you say when the law takes due processes? You have this freedom to write what you think even beyond reasonable grounds of suspicion because of the sacrifices made by the revolutionary Party ZANU PF. Labelling all sundry cadres as thieves borders on libel MR MOE.

  • The Observer

    What is that amount compared to the 15 billion that went missing in Chiadzwa!

    • Gushungo WekuGP

      This is just a decoy matsotsi achisara arimo mumusangano!

      • Garba Lawal

        a crime is a crime and abuse of office has no defence

  • Dr Tichie Matibiri

    point of correction this no longer factional but a succession issue @Byo press club Prof Moyo explained the meaning of g40 he said he was referring to geopolitics as an an academic that is the Geo demographic trends of our politics where they are saying generation 40 has 77% of the majority voters and on that zanu pf went on to craft a manifesto that won them an election.
    2.As long it is the trio[zhuwao , moyo,saviour] that came up with the idea of one sole center of power then it means they can manage to have it removed they only need to convince the principal that it has failed to save the process that we thought it would save that is to put the issue of succession to rest once and for all and l have no doubt the principal will buy in to that we are talking of political scientist who is thinker par excellence and the president has no reason not to believe him mark my words because if l am the architect to something and l sell my idea to you and you buy in l give you reasons why l think it ought to be so but when it fails as a great strategist l will be having an alternative to it you can not argue much when l talk of the alternative because its my baby. it will be stupid to try and defend much an idea that you did not originate and seek to know more than the originators it means your case will be bound to people can call it he mafioso resolution or what but as long as the backing of the originators he will have the last laugh believe me

  • Dr Tichie Matibiri

    the fact that chombo has said is not aware of the letter ,does not rule out the letter being there having been written by a certain arm that has been mandated to do so , we aware such letter is there and come the right time the public and newsmen will know.l know many are praying much to see the hardworking professor in khaki prison garbs ,but your wishes and prayers is not evidence and if one is alleged remains innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law not by the media or courts of public opinion.

    • takunda nigel

      It looks like some of you have really gone serious into this corruption thing and specialised !

      • Dr Tichie Matibiri

        whom are you referring to sir?

  • Dr Tichie Matibiri

    and the fact a harare learned magistrate has removed mandizvidza on remand and advised the state to proceed through the way of summons only leaves to tell a story that the state is pushing a bungled case which they do not have evidence because its a case which resulted from political hatred emanating from succession issues, and how can one who is running away from justice in south Africa can be an advocate for justice in Zimbabwe, l mean in the case of Mr Goodson Nguni , he is not clean himself he defrauded a state bank in south Africa and he is still on wanted list

    • Garba Lawal

      and what of the Prof himself? He found refuge in the party since he has a indecorous past as well and fingering out the individuals does not make Moyo a saint,rather it tells a story of what Zanu pf is

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    You major on minors!