Break-in at Sekeramayi’s house


THIEVES broke into Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeremayi’s house in the early hours of Friday and got away with US$620.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday confirmed the break-in.

“There was a break-in at Minister Sekeremayi’s house and investigations are in progress. We will update you on any developments,” she said

Investigations indicate that the incident happened between 1am and 5am on Friday after thieves jumped a precast wall and cut part of the fence at Dr Sekeremayi’s Borrowdale home.

The burglars then broke a kitchen window and sneaked into the Minister’s house before breaking into one of the bedrooms. Investigations also show that the thieves then stole a suit and a handbag containing US$120 and US$500, respectively.

The criminals sneaked out of the house using the kitchen window and dropped the suit and handbag outside the house but stole the money.

A police officer guarding the house is said to have failed to notice the incident because the property is huge and may require more people to monitor movements. Investigators told The Sunday Mail that the burglary at the Minister’s house could be part of house-breaking cases around Borrowdale area where criminal are wreaking havoc.

“The thieves used a bolt cutter to cut the fence after they had jumped the pre-cast wall. After getting into the house, they didn’t steal anything besides the money which was in a suit and a handbag. There is so much criminal activities in Borrowdale,” said an investigator who cannot be named for professional reasons.

The break-in at Dr Sekeremayi’s house comes weeks after his name was thrown into succession politics by Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo.

The Defence Minister, however, rebuffed Prof Moyo and appeared furious visibly irritated by the attempt to drag him into successionist and factional politics when The Sunday Mail approached him for comment a fortnight ago.

He said, “Please, they must leave me in peace. Why drag me into those things?”

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    Mmmm Defence Minister’s house?? Like srsly??? Zvotyisa izvi!!

    • Chamunorwa

      I agree with you .Zvinotyisa. Security is very lax only one police officer for the Defence Minister.. We do not want to insinuate anything but Eish. Are we ever going to be Safe

    • Zvobgo

      It seems like a croc attack to me!

    • Zvobgo

      Crock or is it crack attack?

    • EM

      Yes seriously the Min Of Defence. so i am thinking to my self how safe am I

  • Blake Carrington

    Ummmm Lacoste DNA all over it.

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    A colleague asked me akaiwanepi cash imo muZimbabwe musina cash. I just laughed at such simplicity. Besides him being a senior cde and therefore typically screened from ills affecting Zim , although its surprising thieves can actually break into his house as if he was an ordinary person , he too can access cash from other sources just like my folks can like receiving diaspora funds. He is a farmer isnt he and with so much to sell he surely can have several fold cash reserves than reported here. He travells , this can be change. He can be bribed, he is human. So where he got cash is not the issue here. Ask him and he is neither pleased the handbag was dropped nor angry the $600 was taken. He has a bigger worry and so are many peace loving Zimboz.

  • mdu

    KKKKKKK mmmm imba yaminister of defence

  • Hermish Dunga

    ugly ugly and ugly ,the situation is turning into

  • Petras Naude

    Welcome to the game of thrones CDE.

  • Dunderhead

    Hope it was not a covert operation.

  • Chitototo Zvangu

    Kana kuno kwedu ku ghetto arikowo ma burglar.

  • Hlahla Hamburamatope

    Attracting attention to ourselves are we ?

  • Petros Magomazi

    It is hard to believe that the MOD’s house is guarded by one police officer!!! This is unbelievable considering the paranoia in the ruling party!! Is this a true story? I have serious doubts, people are trying to win him the people’s sympathy?

    • Zvobgo

      they can sell a dummy for all they care