AFM’s Madziyire in court

Veronica Gwaze
APOSTOLIC Faith Mission (AFM) president, Dr Asper Madziyire has once again been dragged to court over an application to compel the church to audit its financial records.

AFM pastors Kefias Mujokeri and Paymore Murefu are demanding an audit whose results should be open for inspection by church members.

Dr Madziyire, together with other church officials Munyaradzi Shumba and Amon Madawo, appeared before High Court Judge Justice Happias Zhou who set aside the ruling for this week.

Messers Mujokeri and Murefu’s court application reads:

“It has been 15 years since Madziyire took over as president and since then, no audit has ever been done despite the stipulations of our church constitution which say a detailed financial report should be produced every year.

“Many have since stopped demanding for the audit for fear of victimisation and this is why we resolved to do it the court way.”

The AFM constitution chapter 14: 4 (1) provides that an audit must be conducted every year.

In defence, Dr Madziyire said the pastors have no legal right to demand an audit but could only ask for “accountability”.

There are allegations that the US$90 000 raised last year for the construction of a church pulpit could not be accounted for. No progress has been made in building the structure.

Pastor Mujokeri told The Sunday Mail Society, “The first time I confronted him (Dr Madziyire), he threatened me and he even hired congregants from my church to turn against me.

However, some congregants realised that they were being used and confessed to me about the plot to remove me from the church.”

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  • Gomo

    What a shame. Churches have forgoten their mandate and have turned into businesses (broke business).always fighting for money. And to think that the church is also turning to courts!!!this is just miserable.all you guys have failed!!!!!!!!!

  • kuda

    An Audit will prove the correctness of the account given. How can the church know whether your account on how the money was used is correct or not or even if it was used for the purposes it was meant

    • Chatsworth, Masvingo

      You could not have said it any better Kuda. Spot on. It just these “Unholy Wars” by senior pastors who are positioning themselves to be the next A.F.M President, The Amon Chinyembas and Cossum Chiangwas who has three birth certificates. Amos Madawo is the only true man of God who can lead this divided church

  • Samson Gore

    Kefias Mujokeri and Paymore Murefu have to be specific, they are now exposing their ignorance. Audits have been done every year. The two know it. What they want are external auditors. They cant tell the difference are they ZJC drop outs. Its a same all of us in the church know you are being sponsored by Cossum Chiangwa who want to be next president of A.F.M the past two weeks he was seen at registrar general’s office trying to fix his documents. he have pictures of this power hungry dictator poster there.

    • kuda

      If the audits have always been done why Madziyire is not saying so. Instead he is saying they have no right to ask for the audit but accountability. Hakuna audit inoitwa muAFM we know this church. Mari inongodyiwa vanhu vakatsinzina vachinamata vachirira nendimi. Whether this thing is politically motivated or not vafundisi muAFM vanodya mari they are no checks and balances. What I know is that they just do financial statements. Can you post a copy of one audit report from whichever era of AFM presidence. Yo response shows that an audit has never been done becos an audit on its own has nothing to do with an election it is part of the administration duties

  • A.F.M Pastor

    Another of Cossum Chiangwa’s projects, he has been planning other stories to tarnish Madziyire, Madawo and Chinyemba ahead of his trip to America early next month so he appear clean while away. We know you senior evil power hungry poster and you want anyone who cares to listen that you are being fought left right and centre. Your destiny is hell.

  • gamatoxweevils

    Ngaingoitwaka audit yacho munuwashe vanyadzise satani.About the elections what happenen to holy apostolic succession vanhu vachitambidzana chimuti nemahagi kwete kuswerohwika zvichinzi vanhu vezvemweya vorwira zvigaro.Musadzikisire zita raMwari varanda vashe!

  • Taps Bants

    umm this is so shameful,,,we cntinue to tell yu AFM is not a church,,its a shrine trading as a church,,have we ever heard tht the church at Corinth/Macedonia/Ephesus had a constituion,,if no,,so zvionoita here kutanga zvinhu zvinyowani zvisina kurairwa naShe kupfurikidza nevaApostora vake vekutanga vakabvumidzwa kunyora maEpistles??? Ko iye Preisdent tinomuwana paverse ani mushoko raMwari,,Paul zvaariye akavamba machurches akawanda MuAsia akambonzi president?? kana akadanzwo iverse ani zviya,,,Haasi here aitanga tsamba dzake Achiti Paul a servant of Jesus Christ, Paul an apostle of Jesus,,,so kokuzoda kuzvipa title isiri mushoko raMwari zvakatanga rini???……..

    Shouldnt yu work up guys vari mushrine iyi inonzi AFM…church yaJesu haiitwe maelections,,,Peter erroneously cast lots to replace Judas when he elected Matthias as an Apostle,,which he did whilst the Holy Spirit has not yet descended… (Acts 1:23-26)…so elections shows that there is no Holy Spirit in AFM cz if he really is presented he will tell you (if there is need to) who is to be the overseer of the church(mutariri wekereke). These signs dzikuitwa naVaMadzivire ndemamwe masigns Mwari aanoratidza zvawo nawo kt yu are in a boat that is driving you to the Lake of fire,vanoda havo budai,,its not diff with the divorce issue yaPastor Chris who divided the church assets nemukadzi wake as settlemnt,,those are signs to run away neupenyu hwenyu…

    Zvekuti ndikuudzei zvakawanda bt bottom line is the kind of prosperity gospel tht is all over in Afm ndorinopupura kt hamuna mweya mutsvene muchurch imomu cz the first thing holy spirit does asat akupai zviporofita kana minana kana chii chamunofunga is to give you a correct testimony about Jesus Christ(His purpose to come into the world, his suffering,His current state of Glory and his gospel)…so hauna need yekuoneka,,kutongobuda wosiya Madzivire nemaoverseer ake vanokubira chegumi ava,,vasingakuudzei kt tithing is a matter of the law,,haimo muchurch yaJeso(Grace Dispensation)..

  • kuda

    You should read the background history of John G Lake . This guy and his gang were chased away from USA after it was discovered they were lying about miracles and at the same time abusing young girls and soliciting so much money in the name of God.They came to south Africa and started the same thing .so much abuse of church funds kusvikira moto wacho watobatirawo nekuRhodesia .Varungu vaitombovanani pamari apa haikona these these black pastors hmmmm kana wati pamari apa hameno. They believe in money not God.A president of such a big church u can spend lots of church funds trying to stop an audit to be carried out or refusing to show the pple the audit reports.Musabude church ma AFM but fight hard that the church goes back to basics.Zvema full time pastors izvi ngazvipere anoda kuparidza anongo paridza for no fee. Our elders long back just used to preach for nothing and those are the pple who laid the foundation of this BIG yaanemari irikurwirwa nemakunguwo awa. The lay pple preached n pastored the congregation.

    • fimbo

      Blaz munonyepa. You have criticised John G Lake, the founder of AFM who died in 1935 senge waitamba naye. Then you start cricising blacks uchi compare ne varungu vawamboti vai abuza vana vadiki. Wozotanga kuti ma elders edu aiivembo wambosvoora founder. Tendeukai blaz

  • Elvis Mpofu

    Chiyangwa is leaving for America this month and has planned a lot of stories in the media for his campaign. He so desperately wants to be next A.F.M President

  • Harare East Pastors

    So our fellow pastors in Harare West tell us that, one Cossum Chiyangwa who want to be forever young summoned that to pushed for reforms on the churches constitution to be stopped to that elections go ahead in the hope he will be elected president. He says we are told that he finally realised that if reforms go ahead there will be no elections and is afraid he cannot continue to alter his birth certificates again. He leaves for America next week. Iwe neni ne A.F.M tine basa